April 28, 2016

With Bitter Certainty: Part 1 (Finale)

scene one:

[ Jeszyca is dressed up enjoying
her breakfast at the table
when Sunshine comes in. ]

"Aren't you running late?  I
thought you had to be there
at 7."

[ She questions as Sunshine
sits down. ]

SUNSHINE: Yeah I decided to
lessen my time at the fitness

JESZYCA: Okay.  To how many

[ She looks at Jeszyca, smiles
& bites into her toast triangle. ]

SUNSHINE: Not sure yet. Now
that I can work anywhere I 
want to consider my options.
JESZYCA: Its nice to consider.

Better to have a concrete plan.

SUNSHINE: You're right.  And
speaking of, I have got to get

Mmmmm.  What did you coat the
berries with?
JESZYCA: A little this, a little
that.  Maybe some vodka.

[ Sunshine isn't surprised. Kissing
her & walking towards the door. ]

SUNSHINE: Good thing I only had
one piece.  See you tonight babe.

[ Jeszyca smiles, indulging in
a spiked blueberry. ]

scene two:
Inside Syria's living room.

[ Ricky walks inside joining
Hahn on the couch. ]

HAHN: Thanks for coming.

RICKY: You sounded frantic
on the phone.  What's going
HAHN: Have you noticed any-
thing different with Charles 
RICKY: Well I don't hear from 
him much and when I do it
tends to be general conver-
sation only.

HAHN: Yeah same here. Sadly I
have no clue what's going on
anymore.  He just won't let
me in.
RICKY: If Charles wants to be
secretive and go all MIA. What
can we really do about it?

[ Hahn stands up, walking &
Ricky turns toward him. ]

HAHN: We could find him and
try to force out the truth.

[ He pulls out a single key
from his khaki pocket. ]

HAHN: I knew keeping this
would come in handy.  He's
staying at my old place.

I'll drive.

[ He stands, waving the key. ]

RICKY: After you.

scene three:
Night before, at The Aisles.

[ Ski is showing Joh the new
ordering system when Stuu
shows up. ]

"Cool I think I got it."

JOH: Hey man, how's the

STUU: She's good.  Weis is

[ He stands there, quiet &
trying to keep his eyes
open. ]

SKI: Here.  You need this
more than I do.

[ He hands Stuu his coffee
drink & he takes a sip. ]

STUU: Thanks.  Things have
been hectic ever since Zain
went on vacation.  I'm use
to having that nap time
after I get off.
JOH: Yeah.  He'll be back
from New Zealand in another
week.  He met a girl while
he was there too.

STUU: Of course he did.

[ Stuu half smiles. ]

JOH: I don't think it's
serious though. Don't freak.
SKI: You sure about that?

[ They look at Ski's screen
as picture after picture
scroll of Zain, holding &
kissing this new girl. ]

SKI: Looks pretty for real.

scene four:
  TA, the next afternoon.

[ Sunshine is seated comfort-
ably in Mark's office when
he starts to speak. ]

"You're probably wondering
why exactly I called you

SUNSHINE: Normally I've read
a description of the job but
in this case.

MARK: I know.  I contacted
you first.  I've heard about
your experience from Jeszyca.

And there's something coming
up with TA that I think you
would be the perfect fit for.
SUNSHINE: Really, what is it?

A restaurant of some sort?  
MARK: You're on the right track.
There will be food involved.

[ He stands up, revealing the
model that's placed on his
desk. ]

MARK: This is what the inside
of the first Aisles Bar will
look like.
SUNSHINE: Wow.  That's amazing.

MARK: And you haven't even
heard the best part.

I know you have bartending ex-
perience. But we decided someone 
with your drive and talent should
really be at the forefront of
this whole operation.
SUNSHINE: What does that mean?

MARK: It means I want you to

scene five:

[ Ricky is standing behind
Hahn as he unlocks the door. 

Walking in, they can tell
right away that no ones 
inside. ]

"Look around. Maybe will
find something."

RICKY: This is kind of weird.

[ She walks into the kitchen.
Opening the fridge, she sees
a few random food items and
a jug of milk. ]

RICKY: Milk is expired.  I'm
guessing you were right and
he hasn't been here in a
few weeks.
HAHN: His brother has a cabin
I think but I doubt he be there

[ Ricky enters the living room
where Hahn is going through
papers on the table. ]

RICKY: After what?
HAHN: He found out Sandie is
sleeping with his brother.
RICKY: That's crazy.  No wonder
he left town.  I wouldn't want to
be near them either
HAHN: Who is this?

[ He shows Ricky a hotel notepad
with an unknown name written
down on it. ]

RICKY: I don't know but maybe
someone at this hotel has
seen him.
HAHN: Yeah it's in Mirror. We
should check it out.    

[ Suddenly they hear a key rat-
tling its way into the lock.

Shaken still, eyes toward the
front door. ]

HAHN: He's here.

scene six:

"Thank you again. I won't
let you down."

MARK: Don't be nervous about
being new to management either.

We're one team at TA.  I'll make a
path for you.  

[ He stares at Sunshine as
she exits his office. 

Turning around, she almost
bumps into another worker. ]

"Hey.  Can I ask you a quest-

SCOTT: Sure anything.

[ He smiles at her.  Trying not to
show his obvious attraction. ]

SUNSHINE: How do you feel about
Mark as a manager?  Is he
a trustworthy guy?

SCOTT: Yeah.  I'd say so.  
Why are you considering
coming on?  Maybe in my
SUNSHINE: No it's somewhere
else.  I'll see ya.

[ She leaves Scott disappointed,
walking out. ]