Oct 29, 2014

Scared Stiff

Late afternoon, at TA.

[ Mark is preparing to leave
when there’s a knock on his
door. ]

“It’s open.”

JENNI: Hey Mark.

[ He turns around. ]

MARK: You’re back. 
JENNI: Yeah, I just got off
the plane an hour ago.
Came straight here.
MARK: Nice.  Me and Ski
will be gone tonight but
Chais can’t wait to see
you.  I know.
JENNI: So do you think
you can work me back
into the schedule?
MARK: Sure.  That shouldn’t
be a problem. 
JENNI: Cool.  Thanks a lot.

[ Meanwhile, at Mark’s. ]

CHAIS: Jenni’s gonna be
here in a couple hours.  We
need to hurry up.
BILLY: Yeah, yeah.  Did you
get ahold of any of her girl
CHAIS: Dude. I basically invited
the whole school.

Outside of TA.

[ Amber is taking a break
when she notices Karie
standing in front of the
Salon. ]

AMBER: Hey girl, how’s
your day going?
KARIE: Pretty good. How’s
your home life? 
AMBER: It’s good. Why do
you ask?

[ She gives Karie a look. ]

KARIE: Isn’t it weird having
a male roommate?  I can’t
imagine the conversations.
AMBER: Not at all.  I mean
we talk about his dates.
KARIE: Oh really?  That’s
AMBER: Yeah.  He was just
telling me about this girl
who wouldn’t shut up the
entire time.

[ Karie laughs. ]

AMBER: Well, I gotta go.
Call me later.

That night, at Mark’s.

[ Chais is leading Jenni through
the dark hallway and into the
living room.

Suddenly the lights come on
and she sees the room is full
of her friends & classmates. ]

CHAIS: Surprised?

[ She smiles, kissing Chais.

Later on, everyone is
talking around the couch. ]

JAI: We should scare Bill
when he comes in.
JENNI: Guys.  Leave him alone.

[ They ignore her. ]

KIILYN: Good idea.  But how?
JAI: I don’t know yet.  I’ll think
of something good though.

Hey, where you going?

KIILYN: I think I see some senior
girls over there.  Be right back.
JAI: Good luck, man.

[ Jai smirks at Kiilyn as he
walks away. ]

At Amber’s

[ She joins Dyminic who
Is sitting on the couch,
flipping through the
channels. ]

DYMINIC: Hey, long day?
AMBER: Yeah, something like
that.  What are you doing
DYMINIC: Just gonna stay in
and pass out candy.
AMBER: Sounds good.

[ She lays across the couch
with Dyminic sitting on the
other end. ]

AMBER: What?

[ Amber notices his stare
as Dyminic returns his
sight quickly to the TV. ]

DYMINIC: Nothing.  Let’s find
a good movie to watch.
AMBER: Alright.  Not too scary
though. Okay?

DYMINIC: Don’t worry.  As long
as I’m right here, you’ll be
protected anyway.

Outside the Simon’s.

[ Billy arrives & attempts to
open the door but it is locked. ]

“What the heck?”

[ He goes to look into the
window when a face slams
into the glass.  Screaming,
Billy runs off the porch.

Bending over, he catches
his breath as Jai, Kiilyn, &
Chais come out. ]

JAI: Got ya.
BILLY: Yeah, that wasn’t
funny dude.
KIILYN: Oh, yes it was.

[ Jenni comes outside. ]

JENNI: Hey, you okay?

[ She rustles his hair. ]

BILLY: Yeah thanks.
JENNI: I missed you guys a
lot.  It’s so good to be home.

Well let’s get back to the

The next morning.

[ Amber wakes up, noticing
It is daylight out.

Rolling over in her bed,
she sees Dyminic laying
at the other end. ]

“Not again.”