Dec 17, 2014

The Joker (First & Last7)

Outside Magic Springs High.

[ Billy walks up to Jenni’s car
& gets out. ]

BILLY: Thanks for the ride.
No clue what happened to
JENNI: How was rehearsal?

[ She pulls out of the parking
lot. ]

CHAIS: Yeah.  Forget any lines
BILLY: Nope.  I think I got every-
thing down now. 
JENNI: That’s good.  If another
Telazon ruins a school play
here, the principal will be

[ Chais starts to laugh. ]

BILLY: Right.  I almost didn’t
get to audition cuz of that
stunt he pulled.
JENNI: Anyway, you guys hungry?
CHAIS: Starved.  Let’s get a pizza.

[ He looks out the window. ]

CHAIS: Hey, isn’t that your bro’s
car parked on the side of that
JENNI: Wanna stop?
BILLY: Naw, I’ll just text him.
Keep driving.

Across from TA.

[ Amber & Ski are seated
at a table, talking while
Hithe is on his phone. ]

SKI: Something wrong?
You haven’t spoken since
we ordered.

HITHE: Sorry guys, just
getting a little worried
about Kristyn.
AMBER: Kristyn, huh?
What’s going on?
HITHE: Well, she let Sara
move away with Jared
the other day and I haven’t
heard from her since.

[ Hithe looks concerned. ]

AMBER: She’s probably just
adjusting, but are you sure
that’s it?
SKI: Right.  We’ve seen that
look on you before, man.

[ Hithe starts to laugh
& Amber smiles. ]

HITHE: What look?
AMBER: You’re still into her.
I can totally tell.

Meanwhile, inside TA.

[ Charles & Sandie are
walking up the steps to
Mark’s office. ]

SANDIE: Explain to me
why I need to be here
CHARLES: Come on babe,
Mark is pretty reasonable
He just wants to talk.

[ They knock, then enter
the office. ]

MARK: Hi.  Have a seat
please.  So I heard you
didn’t get the loan.
SANDIE: Charles!

MARK: It’s alright.  I’m
prepared to offer you
a better deal to stay.
SANDIE: Like what?
MARK: I realize now
how much you’ve done
to get our bakery off
the ground and I’m
sorry for not offering
you more assistance.  I talked
to Jim about separating
that department from TA.
Kind of like the Salon, if
you’re Interested.

[ Sandie stays silent, lost for
words. ]

At the Telazon’s.

[ Jenni’s gone.  Billy & Chais
are in Airynn’s bedroom. ]

CHAIS: Are you seriously
hacking into your brother’s
laptop right now?
BILLY: Yes.  I need to figure
out why he’s acting so weird
and distant lately. 
CHAIS: Whatever dude.  I’m
gonna have a front row seat
to the ass whooping of the

[ Billy ignores him. ]

BILLY: Got it.  Idiot used his
exes’ name. Whoa.
CHAIS: What is it?

[ Chais stands behind him. ]

BILLY: It’s a news story about
some group called Paleseto
something.  Wonder what he
wants with them. 
CHAIS: Who cares.  Just close
It before he gets back.
BILLY: Fine.

Late afternoon, the Salon.

[ Hithe, Sascha, & Lorenzo
are talking in the break
room. ]

SASCHA: You alright boss?
LORENZO: Right.  You haven’t
bitched me out today for
anything.  I’m starting to
get worried.

HITHE: Nope.  I’m actually
pretty clear headed.  I just
need to talk to Kristyn and
finally get something off
my chest. 
SASCHA: Oh yeah?  Well, I
think I know what that is.
Let me know how it goes.

[ She pats Hithe on the
back & leaves to assist a
client.  Suddenly Jeszyca
enters the room. ]

JESZYCA: Hey Hithe.  Someone’s
here to see you. They’re waiting

[ She smiles at him & exits. ]

Back at the Telazon’s.

[ Billy & Chais are playing
video games when Airynn
enters the front door. ]

BILLY: Uh hi.  Thanks for
coming to get me earlier.
AIRYNN: Sorry bro.  I got

[ He heads for his room,
not saying anything else.

A few minutes later, they
hear Airynn rustling around
with stuff in his room.  Billy
knocks on the door. ]

BILLY: Let me in.  I wanna talk
to you.
AIRYNN: Okay.  Just a second.

[ After awhile, Airynn opens
the door. ]

BILLY: Everything cool?
AIRYNN: Yeah, I’m fine.
BILLY: You’re still going to
my dress rehearsal on
Friday, right?
AIRYNN: I promised you,
didn’t I?
BILLY: Yeah, it’s just.
AIRYNN: Just what?
BILLY: Nothing.

Outside the Salon.

[ Hithe sees Kristyn waiting
In her car, walks over &
gets inside. ]

KRISTYN: Hey, I got your messa-
ges.  Sorry I just wasn’t in the
mood for a conversation.
HITHE: Until now?

[ Hithe smiles at her. ]

KRISTYN: Yeah.  I miss her already.
HITHE: I understand.  I’ve gotten
so close to H, if he ever wanted
to leave I would be devastated.

[ Kristyn looks over at him, sha-
king her head in agreement. ]

KRISTYN: So what now?
HITHE: You still have Mairya here.
And Monica.  And me.
KRISTYN: I know.

[ She looks over catching Hithe’s
stare in her direction.  Before
Kristyn can move, he’s moved
toward her, placing his lips
onto her’s.  She backs up. ]
KRISTYN: What are you doing?

Back by the car.

[ Hithe steps outside & Kristyn
drives off.  Not noticing Jeszyca
looking through the window, he
comes back inside. ]

HITHE: That didn’t exactly go
JESZYCA: Why, what happened?
HITHE: I kissed Kristyn.  She
gave me a weird look.  And
now she’s gone.
JESZYCA: I’m sorry.  Maybe we
we’re wrong to make suggestions.

HITHE: It’s cool. Time for me to
recognize that ship has sailed.
She’s has bigger things to
worry about.
JESZYA: Oh well.  So do you.

HITHE: Yeah, I better head
home.  Go pick up Little H
from Ski’s.
JESZYCA: See ya.

[ Hithe leaves & Lorenzo
comes over. ]

LORENZO: Let me guess.
Things didn’t work out.

MS High, next day.

[ Billy & Jai are sitting
on the stage, waiting
for their rides. ]

JAI: Only one more practice
left and we’re on.
You coming over tonight?

[ He looks at Billy who doesn’t
respond. ]

JAI: Hey.  You hear me?
BILLY: You’ve heard of brain
washing right?  I was reading
about it last night online.
They we’re doing sick
things to people.
JAI: Like what?
BILLY: I don’t know. Torturing
and stuff.  What do you think?
JAI: You said these people
we’re on the news.
BILLY: A while ago, yeah.
JAI: Don’t you think if there
was something more serious
to report it would have been
said.  All they talked about
was religious ceremonies.

BILLY: I guess so.  It still
has my head spinning.
JAI: Maybe you should just
forget it.  You can’t afford
to lose your focus right now.

Hithe’s apartment.

[ Little H comes in the
kitchen & Hithe is sitting
quietly at the table. ]

LITTLE H: Dad, what’s up?
HITHE: Nothing.  You hungry?

[ He starts to get up. ]

LITTLE H: No.  You could tell
me the truth.
HITHE: Alright. It about me
and Kristyn.
LITTLE H: What about her?
HITHE: I just did something
I shouldn’t have.  It’s
hard to explain.

[ Hithe gets up, walking
toward the refrigerator. ]

HITHE: Do you want waffles
or pancakes?
LITTLE H: It doesn’t matter,
I’m not that hungry.

[ Someone knocks on the front
door. ]

HITHE: Can you get that please?
I’ll be done in like fifteen.

That Night, at TA.

[ Ski, Weis, Joh,
Stuu, & Tiesun are
waiting to start. ]

JOH: It’s five after.  I don’t
think Airynn is going to
SKI: This is the 3rd night
In a row.  I have no choice
but to replace him. 
You can act as supervisor
for now.

[ He points back at Joh. ]

WEIS: Who wants to answer
to you?

[ There’s a moment of silence
then everyone starts to laugh.

As people are leaving the room,
Weis pulls Stuu aside. ]

STUU: What’s up roadie?
WEIS: Get it right dude,
you’re my roadie.

[ Stuu takes off Weis’
hat & runs.  ]

WEIS: Hey!

The next night.

[ A crowd is gathered in
the auditorium of MS High,
while the actors are waiting

Billy peaks through the
curtain, looking at the
faces. ]

[ Relaxing he finally sees
Airynn sitting down, near
the front of the stage.

Further in the back. . . . .]

SKI: This is going to be good.
MARK: I hope so.  The tickets
we’re enough.

[ Ski hits him playfully in
the arm. ]

AMBER: Thanks for inviting us.

[ Dyminic motions for her to
follow him & they go outside. ]

DYMINIC: Since the title of this
is truth.   I think it’s time for
me to show some.

[ Amber looks puzzled. ]

AMBER: What kind of

[ Dyminic kisses her. ]

DYMINIC: I’ve wanted you
this entire time.

Day before.

[ Kristyn enters Hithe’s kitchen. ]

KRISTYN: Something smells
good in here.

[ Hithe turns around surprised. ]

HITHE: Yeah, I’m making my
mixed berry pancakes.

[ She sits at the bar & Hithe
stands across from her. ]

KRISTYN: About my reaction
last night.
HITHE: You don’t need to explain.
I had no right.
KRISTYN: I wouldn’t say that.
Listen, I’ve been so worried
about Jared and the kids lately
that I haven’t been true
to you.  There was a reason
I started coming back over.

HITHE: You mean, you weren’t
just in the neighborhood?

KRISTYN: It was because I
 missed us.

After the play is over.

[ Billy comes out last to a
roaring crowd.  As the lights
go dim, he can see Airynn
leaving out the side door.

Later, he is sitting on the
stage when his phone starts
to vibrate. ]

TEXT: Dear Billy, I probably
won’t be able to see you
for a long time.

I’m sorry but I had to
do this.

[ Chais walks up to him. ]

CHAIS: Let’s go celebrate.

[ Billy just looks at him. ]

BILLY: He’s gone.