February 5, 2016

She's Wild: Part Two

A week later, Ashbury Park.

[ Charles is sitting quietly by the
lake.  He skids a rock perfectly
across the water as Ricky makes
a late arrival. ]

"I was getting worried.  Why
didn't you answer any of my

RICKY: Sorry.  I posted how
I was doing afterwards.  I just
didn't feel like being seen.
CHARLES: Yeah I know.  There
was an adjusting period.  I
of all people can understand
one of those.

[ The sorrow switches toward
him as he gets quiet.  Ricky
notices Charles look of dismay. ]

RICKY: What have you been
doing with your life?
CHARLES: Not really working.
I've been living off savings
trying to figure out what I'm
really want.
RICKY: And how is Sandie?

CHARLES: Oh she's fine.  I'm using
this time to explore my options.
Get out of my static routine.
RICKY: Sounds like fun.  Inspiring
even.  I have to make a call.

[ She walks off excited, leaving
Charles behind. ]

Afternoon, at Weis & Stuu's.

[ Stuu is sitting near baby Mila
while some familiar visitors are
seated with Weis. ]

MARK: I know.  Who is this
strange man looking at me?

[ Mila smiles at him through
her snack of raw veggies. ]

STUU: Of course she stops acting
up as soon as you come to get
SKI: It's me.  I have that natural
connection with children.

[ Weis starts to laugh a little. ]

SKI: Didn't meant it like that.
WEIS: I'm just messing.  Anyway
we would have let you sit sooner
but Stuu was concerned about her
being around too many people.

Too soon, you know.

MARK: That's good thinking.  We

[ Later on, Stuu & Weis are alone
in the living room. ]

"As smooth as you tried to be
I know there's something hiding
underneath the blanket."

WEIS: I finally found a way for
us to get what we both want.

[ Weis stands up, whisking away the
cover and reveals the real-to-life
animal costumes. ]


[ After the meet up, Ricky arrives
back home surprised to see her
Dad's vehicle sitting in the drive. 

Later, they chat inside. ]

"Why are you avoiding us?"

RICKY: I'm not at all.  Just been

DAD: With what? I knew you
we're going to regret this.
RICKY: I never said that. In fact,
I'm very happy with the results.
Just trying to get use to all the

[ Her Dad doesn't speak. ]

DAD: Your mother is worried.
RICKY: Yeah well she doesn't
need to be.  No one does.

[ After he leaves, Ricky is on the
phone with her TA assistant. ]


"You be the cheetah.  I'll be the

[ Weis & Stuu are sitting on the
couch in their costumes. ]

"Now what?"

WEIS: Well my costume has a 
hole in the back.  And yours
has a piece sticking out in

[ Weis smirks at Stuu as he
figures it out.

They stand up and Weis positions
himself in front of Stuu.  Now
connected through fabric,
they proceed in exploring
this fake penetration. ]

WEIS: How is this?  Too weird?
STUU: No.  Keep going.

[ Weis continues to run up against
his fabric. ]

"Wanna try this for real?"


[ Outside of Ricky's. ]

RICKY: Thanks for leaving your
buddies to come by.

MAXX: No problem.  I see way
too much of them anyway.

So what's up?
RICKY: My Dad showed up here
MAXX: What did he say?
RICKY: Nothing bad.  I could
just tell he was frustrated
by me.  

MAXX: Hey, you need to live
for you.  Not anyone else.
The main thing is you can
finally feel comfortable
in yourself. 
RICKY: You're right.

[ Before Maxx can look, Ricky
has ran a little ways down the
street.  She stops & looks back.

Maxx takes the cue and hurries
to catch up with her. ]

[ They stand face to face.  Ricky
waste no time giving him a quick
kiss & then looks away. ]


[ Back with the "wildlife". ]

"Are you serious?"

STUU: Sorry I don't know what
came over me.  
WEIS: It's normal to get excited.
I just didn't think you had any
desires to go there.

STUU: I haven't.  I mean, I
don't except for lately.  I
don't want to regret any-
thing with you.  
WEIS: I know what you mean.

Let's get this shit off and
watch some movies.

[ Weis gets up to look for the
remote while Stuu opens a
letter he had laying on the
table. ]

"Oh no!"

WEIS: What's wrong?

STUU: Mila's mom. She died.