August 29, 2015

A Change: Part One

Inside TA Salon.

[ After sweeping up his station,
Lorenzo is seen walking up to
the front desk area. ]

"Our foods here.  Ready to eat?"

LORENZO: Yeah, I've been dream-
ing about this Chinese for awhile

[ Jeszyca smiles & he follows her
into the break room.  Their silly
mood is soon flattened by the
tone of Acer's voice. ]

ACE: I just don't feel it's appro-
priate for you to be seeing your
ex.  Whether it's to help us out
or not!

[ Acer sits back & Karie stays
silent, noticing they are not
alone anymore. ]

JESZYCA: I think I'll dine at my

[ She leaves & Acer follows her. ]

LORENZO: Everyone finally has
a full schedule.  We can start
hiring soon and he still can't
get over the ex thing.
KARIE: No.  We've been together
for years I don't get why he's
so bothered.  He practically
accused me of doing other
things last night.

LORENZO: Well now that the pro-
blem's solved, you don't have
to see him and everything should
go back to normal.

[ Karie looks straight at him with
tears growing in her eyes. ]

KARIE: I hope so.

Meanwhile, inside the store.

[ Sandie is standing behind the
bakery counter when Syria comes
up to the display window. ]

SANDIE: Morning.

SYRIA: Hey can I get a couple
of the sour dough sandwich
SANDIE: You putting together
lunch again?

SYRIA: Yeah it's cheaper then
buying whole.  Deli is my next
SANDIE: I keep telling Mark we
need to combine these sections
a little and sell meals.  People
are always asking.
SYRIA: Hopefully soon.  So how
is Charles, have you seen him
any since you gave him the

SANDIE: We decided to work
on things last night.
SYRIA: I'm so glad.

SANDIE: Yeah, I'm not sure.
SYRIA: Just remember you dump-
ed him for a reason.  So keep a
clear head and just don't settle
on the things you need.  

SANDIE: Thanks.

The night before.

[ At a neighborhood park, Chais
is sitting under a gazebo when
 it starts to rain.

He then receives a message
on his phone. ]

"Where'd did you go?"

[ Chais calls the number. ]

CHAIS: I'm at the park down
the street.
BILLY: Dude just go home and
apologize to Mark.  That's all
he wants from you.
CHAIS: No.  I'm tired of being
controlled by him.

BILLY: Well thanks to you get-
ting caught with alcohol, I'm
grounded into school starts.
CHAIS: At least you're not sit-
ting out in the rain.
BILLY: What about Jenni's?

CHAIS: It's too late.  Her parents
would freak.  Just don't worry
about it man.  I can charge
my shit.  I'm good.

[ He states but Billy is less than
convinced. ]

CHAIS: I'm serious.  I'll just see
you in the morning.

[ Before his friend can get out
another word, Chais hangs up. ]

Later, next day.

[ Back at the Salon, Lorenzo is sit-
ting in Acer's office with Hithe. ]

LORENZO: Don't you think you're
being a little hard on Karie?

ACE: I'm not wrong to be concern-
ed about an obvious threat to our
LORENZO: Obvious how?

HITHE: Yeah, I mean she's never
given you a reason to think she'd
stray before.
ACE: I know.  Karie is the most
honest person I've dated.  That's why
I was so surprised when she
didn't tell me to begin with.

LORENZO: Either way, it helped us
out.  So what's the real issue?
ACE: Wait, you two think I'm

[ Hithe stays quiet, shrugging
his shoulders. ]

ACE: No way man.
LORENZO: You could very well 

[ Ace gives him an evil look
but then starts laughing. ]

LORENZO: Alright, alright.  Just
offering my two cents.  I'll stay
out now.

[ He smirks, exiting while waving
his hands. ]

In between TA & the Salon.

[ Sandie meets Charles out
by the tables. ]

SANDIE: Listen, I know I said
we'd talk about you coming

[ Charles looks up. ]

SANDIE: But before you can there
are some things I need you to do.

I'm sorry but I have to see it.
CHARLES: I get it totally.  When we first
separated I went off the rails.  Now
I rarely drink.  I don't even raise
my voice.

SANDIE: Good.  I'm glad the tech-
niques you've been using have
worked for you.
CHARLES: I know you're hesis-
tant but whatever I gotta do
to prove it to you I will.

[ Sandie notices Charles hand
on her's but she pulls away. ]

CHARLES: Wait, aren't we going
to lunch?
SANDIE: You are with Brodie.

[ Suddenly a biker arrives and
parks near them, taking off his
helmet. ]

BRODERICK: Ready to go?

[ He looks at Charles, smiling. ]

Late that night, outside a bar.

[ Lorenzo & Pierre are returning to
their vehicles.  They step inside. ]

LORENZO: I think we're the only
bros hanging out together on a
Friday night while our girls are
at home.  Isn't that weird?

PIERRE: Of course not.  We don't
have to spend every moment with
them.  Then what would there be
to miss?

[ They glance at each other. ]

LORENZO: Very good point, my 
PIERRE: Yeah.  So everything calm-
ed down now on the Salon front?

LORENZO: Not hardly.  Honestly I'm
getting a little worried.  The constant
tension can't be good for our growth.
PIERRE: Hey, isn't that your friend
Karie getting out of the car over

[ He questions Lorenzo as he stops
at a red light. ]

LORENZO: You're joking.

[ But the worst is confirmed when
he sees her following a young man
into the dark, night club. ]

Cafe, across from TA.

[ Charles is standing near the
entrance while Broderick is lock-
up his bike. ]

CHARLES: Was me riding in this
tiny thing really necessary?

BRODIE: Its actually an average
size.  And it doesn't seem like
your attitude has progressed
at all.

[ Charles get a sharp sense to
tackle him but instead centers
himself. ]

CHARLES: Let's just go order.

[ Later they are sitting outside,
staring each other down until
Charles finally breaks in. ]

CHARLES: I think it's a good
thing for you to listen to my
fiance's suggestions.
I'm sure you could use the
BRODIE: What does that mean?

CHARLES: Sandie came up with
most of our bakery ideas. If you
want the same business, come
up with something on your own.

[ He stares slightly cold. ]

BRODIE: Good thing I'm not try-
ing the be the same as your
store.  I will be better and then
all of the attention here will
be shifted to us.  

[ Brodie takes a drink of his wa-
while looking directly at 
Charles. ]