April 15, 2015

Truth & Honor ( Part Two )

Connor Middle School.

[ Ski pulls into the parking lot
& Billy gets out of the car. ]

"I'll be right back."

[ Getting near the building he
sees Little H. sitting on a bench
& he joins him.  Looking around
the area. ]

BILLY: Any sign of that jerk?

LITTLE H: Not today.  I'm not sur-
prised he didn't show though.
Caleb's a coward.  I only care
because of Mairya.
BILLY: Yeah I know.  So you two
fought for awhile and then he
ran, that's it?

[ Little H. shakes his head. ]

LITTLE H: I didn't want to hit
Caleb.  But he kept egging
me on.  Chasing me around
the room even. So when he
reached up to punch me I 
grabbed his fist and held it.

[ He pauses, leaving Billy
in suspense. ]

BILLY: I bet that made it
worse.  Must have been
pissed by then. 
LITTLE H: Yup then I fell but
I can't remember much after
that.  I've been wrecking
my brain trying to figure
it out all night.
BILLY: Did you hit your head?
LITTLE H: No.  We better not
leave Ski waiting anymore,
let's go.   

Larrie & Jeszyca's apartment.

[ Larrie, Tiesun, Jeszyca, and
Airynn are talking in the 
living room. ]

"Where are we headed?"

[ Airynn looks at Larrie. ]

AIRYNN:  I thought you and me
were doing this.
TIESUN: In case things get out
of hand.  We might need him.

AIRYNN: Fine.  There are a few
places the PC like to hold
gatherings around town.  We
can check those first.

LARRIE: Cool with me.  How
about I drive? 

[ He hands Tiesun the keys. ]

LARRIE: I'll be down in a few

[ Tiesun & Airynn leave. ]

LARRIE: Wasn't Sunshine suppose
to be here?
JESZYCA: Yeah, over an hour ago.

Outside of Mark & Ski's.

[ Billy & Chais are throwing a
football while Little H sits on
the side. ]

"Do I need to go back to
Connor and beat some little
kid's ass for you?"

LITTLE H: Nope.  I'm good.

[ They continue to play and talk,
not paying attention to Little H
who has drifted off into thought.

As things turn black, H can see
himself being pursued in the
abandoned building. ]

"Don't try to move."

"Wait! . . . . . ."

[ H wakes up in a freight as
Billy is shaking him.  Chais is
leaning over. ]

CHAIS:  Are you okay man?
LITTLE H: I just need some water.

[ He goes inside the house while
Chais stands, shaking his head
at Billy. ]

CHAIS: Still think it's just a fight?

Outskirts of Magic Springs.

[ After parking; Larrie, Tiesun, &
Airynn start walking down an
alley way. ]

TIESUN: I would ask if this is safe
but I probably don't wanna know
the answer.
LARRIE: This is the fourth place
we've been to.  It's pretty clear
that these people don't want
to be found.

AIRYNN: I don't care.  And any
other humane person wouldn't

[ He stops, staring at Larrie before
walking on. ]

LARRIE: Maybe you should consider
getting your friend up there some
help.  He get's a little psycho.

[ Larrie makes a face as Tiesun
rolls her eyes walking on. ]

"Guys!  Over here."

[ They both start to run toward
the sound of Airynn's voice as
a roaring bond type fire is seen
growing in the distance. ]

Highway, middle of nowhere.

[ Sunshine steps out of the car.
Going over to the passenger
side, she looks over at her
past bosses' condition.

Now pathetically slumped
over her seat. ]

"I can't do this."

[ She sighs shaking Gerard to
get him to come to.  After a
little time passes, she starts
to gets anxious.

Her thrust on him get harder as
he's finally stirred awake. ]


GERARD: Where have you taken

[ He starts to get up, feeling his
head. ]

SUNSHINE: I still have the recording.

You know I wanted to dump
you're heartless soul into the
river tonight.  That's was my

Now get out.  Out of my car
and out of my life.

[ He exits & she drives away. ]

Later at Hithe's.

[ Little H walks into the living
room & sees Hithe playing a
video game on the couch. ]

"You wanna play me?"

LITTLE H: I need to tell you some-
thing about that kid at school.

[ Hithe shuts the TV off, staying
silent. ]

LITTLE H: I'll admit I started the
fight and he couldn't control
me but then it all changed.
HITHE: What happened son?

LITTLE H: I think I blacked
out or something but I
been getting my memory
back a little.  I'm pretty sure
he took advantage of me.
HITHE: Wait, in what way?

LITTLE H: Like sex Dad but I
don't want you to do anything.
I'm fine.  I swear.

[ Little H stands before Hithe
can react. ]

HITHE: This is serious.  I don't
think you realize how much.
We have to get you checked.
LITTLE H:  I did at the school
already.  No one will believe
me.  They'll just hate me.

Especially Mairya.  Please Dad.

Back in the woods. 

[ Airynn, Tiesun, & Larrie are
hiding behind a bush in view
of the fire. ]

LARRIE: This is amazing!

[ Larrie states in excitement as
Airynn gives him a look.  Suddenly
the members of the P.C are 
gathering around encircling the
peaking flames.

They stop for a second & begin a
monotone chant as a person in
a white cloth appears in the
middle. ]

AIRYNN: Oh no.  That's him.

[ A female starts to douse
his body with a clear liquid as
it soaks the sheet.

Larrie grabs ahold of Airynn
before he can move. ]

AIRYNN: Let me go.

[ Airynn breaks free just as the
woman prepares to light the
victim ]

TIESUN: Airynn no.

[ Airynn runs toward Brian, knock-
ing him over just in time. Larrie
& Tiesun run over to them. ]

AIRYNN: Now do you believe me.

[ He states sarcastially, catching
his breath. ]