Aug 22, 2014

A Toast To Men

Basement, Weis’ room.

[ Weis is on the phone discussing
lyrics with his band mate Stuu. ]

“Do you think saying ‘I really
care’ would be too generic?”

WEIS: Nah.  I really care.
STUU: It isn’t fair?
WEIS: I like that.  I can’t believe
we are only half way through
this song.
STUU: I know, but don’t stress.
WEIS: We have to have three
originals to battle downtown
next month.
STUU: We’ll get them done.
Lee’s already thinking of
ideas for the last one.
WEIS: Good.
STUU: Hey, I gotta take this.
I’ll call you back.

[ Weis sighs as he hangs up.
Stepping out of his room,
he notices Joh crashed out
on his couch. ]

WEIS: I see you didn’t even
make it up to your room
after last night. 

[ He starts to laugh as Joh
flips him off, turning over. ]

Inside Monica’s house.

[ Kyle is on the phone when
Monica comes downstairs.

She quick kisses him before
heading out the door. ]

KYLE: Your mom just left for
KIILYN: Yeah, I forgot what time
it is there.
KYLE: So, what’s the plan for your
last two weeks in Tokyo?
KIILYN: Not sure yet.  Me and Jai
wanna make sure we do everything
we can.
KYLE: Isn’t your class almost done?
KIILYN: Yeah, a few more days.
KYLE: Cool. Let you in on a little
KIILYN: What’s up?
KYLE: You know how your Mom
always talks about making the
place more open.

Well, I’m going to get it started.
KIILYN: But she doesn’t like
surprises, man.

KYLE: Oh she’s gonna love this
once it’s done.  Trust me. 

Outside Weis’ bedroom.

[ Joh is still laying down
while Weis is sitting on
the couch. ]

JOH: You’re a little too
silent.  What’s going on?
WEIS: I’m having a little
trouble balancing my bills
right now.
JOH: You mean with your
new car payment?
WEIS: Yes exactly.
JOH: The raise isn’t helping?
WEIS: Not really since I work
one less day than you.
JOH: That’s true.
Hopefully you guys get a
place in that contest.

WEIS: That would be sweet.

JOH: Well sometimes me and
Lee get overtime.  We can
WEIS: Alright.

[ Weis looks down. ]

JOH: Just don’t do anything
dumb, okay? For the money.

[ Weis shakes it off. ]

WEIS: Like I would.

Back at Monica’s.

[ Kyle is directing a worker
in the dining room. ]

KYLE: I was thinking if we
could just knock out this
wall.  It would open up
the kitchen, dining and
living room.

About how long would
that take.  A couple hours?

WORKER: Oh no.  I need
a couple of days.
KYLE: Damn.  I wanted this
to be a surprise.
WORKER: I’ll get it done as
soon as possible Sir, but I
have to get started right away.

[ Kyle sighs & stands out of
the way. ]

KYLE: Go for it.

[ Turning around, he sees Monica’s
daughter standing in the doorway. ]

TRAILYN: What’s going on in here?
KYLE: Uh hey, I thought you we’re
staying at Kristyn’s.

[ She shakes her head at him. ]


[ Weis is laying down in his
bedroom thinking when the
lights flicker on. ]

WEIS: Do you not know the
meaning of being in a dark

[ LeeVigh smirks at him &
sits down on the bed. ]

LEEVIGH: I have a solution to
your little problem.

[ Weis sits up. ]

WEIS: Okay.  That didn’t sound
LEEVIGH: I’m serious.  I’ll hire
you on my team to work a
couple days.
WEIS: I don’t know.  I’d be dead.
And when would I have time for
our band.
LEEVIGH: Hey, it’s worth a try.
better than selling yourself

WEIS: Again with the joke.


[ Kyle is cleaning up the kitchen
when Monica walks in from work. ]

MONICA: Um, honey.  Why is there
a big hole in our wall?

[ Kyle starts to jump up and down,
trying to egg on her excitement. ]

KYLE: Surprise!

MONICA: As animated as that was,
don’t you think we should have
talked about this first?

[ His expression drops immediately. ]

KYLE: You have said you wanted
to update things.
MONICA: Yes I have.  This takes
planning Kyle.  Some warning would
have been nice.  
KYLE: I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.

[ Monica notices a picture is face
down on their wall display & turns
it up seeing it was Marty. ]

MONICA: I’m not mad.  Next time
let’s slow down and do things

[ Kyle moves closer to Monica
& wraps his arms around her. ]

KYLE: You’re right.  That does
sound better. 

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