Nov 21, 2014

1 Step Ahead

Late afternoon, the Salon.

[ Karie is talking to Hithe
In the break room while
Little H is busy on his phone. ]

KARIE: It’s getting toward
the end of the month and
we haven’t even reached
half of last month’s sales.
HITHE: We’re going to have
slower months though.  Pretty
sure that’s normal.
KARIE: We we’re pretty consistent
last year at this time.
HITHE: That’s true.  What does
Acer think?

KARIE: He’s not concerned.

[ There’s a break in the conversation
and they start to hear loud music. ]

HITHE: Hey H!  Turn it down.

Anyway, we should get going.
Someone complains if they
don’t get fed by a decent
LITTLE H: No I don’t.
KARIE: So what sounds good?

[ Karie questions him. ]

LITTLE H: We’re going to Kristyn’s.
KARIE: Well, have fun.  See ya
tomorrow Hithe.

That night, at TA.

[ Larrie, Tiesun, & Airynn are
waiting up front for their shift
to start. ]

LARRIE: So yesterday me and
Tiesun we’re visiting the
corporate store.
AIRYNN: I really don’t wanna
here about you two making
out in every aisle.

[ Larrie laughs & Tiesun rolls
her eyes. ]

LARRIE: Just hear me out.  I
have a idea for the team.
TIESUN: You’re helping?  That’s
a far cry from when you wanted
to leave.
LARRIE: Hey, no one knew that.

[ He looks up at Airynn. ]

LARRIE: Anyway, they wore monitors
while they were stocking to see
who covered their area the fastest.
AIRYNN: Yeah.  What’s the point?
LARRIE: They use it to determine
hours, bonuses, different things.
I think Ski would like this.
AIRYNN: I don’t know, man.
We’re followed close enough
as it is.

At Acer’s apartment.

[ Him & Karie are relaxing
on the couch, watching TV. ]

KARIE: I feel like we’re going

[ She looks at Ace & he stays
silent. ]

KARIE: Babe, are you listening
to me?

[ He slides closer to Karie,
messaging her arm. ]

ACE: How could we be?  I
think we’re hotter than ever.
KARIE: Not us!  The Salon.
ACE: Alright.  I’ll do some
research on it.  But until
then, you need to relax.

[ Ace sits up & lets Karie
lay across him.  She leans
up, kissing him on the cheek. ]

ACE: Isn’t that better?

[ Just as Karie is getting
comfortable, Ace’s phone
starts to ring & he sits up. ]

ACE: It’s Mark.  Hold on.

Break time, at TA.

[ Larrie is talking to Joh
outside. ]

JOH: It’s a cool idea.  I’m just
not sure I want to be monitored.
I mean, think about it.  Me and
Airynn have been here the
longest.  We don’t want an
hour decrease just because
we take our time one night.

LARRIE: Yeah, I know what
you mean.
JOH: Don’t worry though.  I’m
sure you can think of something

[ Joh leaves him outside
& Tiesun comes out. ]

TIESUN: Any luck so far?
LARRIE: Everyone hates it.
TIESUN: So?  Ski is the only
one who matters.
LARRIE: That’s true but he
tends to make his decisions
with everyone in mind.

TIESUN: I would still bring
It to his attention.  You never

Back at Acer’s.

KARIE: So what did Mark

ACE: He said it’s no big deal
unless it goes on for a few
months.  Then he would
look into it.  I mean, with
the holiday season we
should be getting more
KARIE: Maybe Landyn could
mention us in one of the TA
ACE: That’s a good idea.  And
we could do a sale of some
You feeling any better?

KARIE: Yeah, now that we
have a plan I do.
ACE: Good.
KARIE: It’s just the Salon is
Important to me and I
don’t want it to fail.
ACE: I know.  It’s important
to all of us.

[ He smiles at her, picks her
up & heads toward their
bedroom. ]


At The Aisles.

[ Larrie is on the phone. ]

SKI: So I got your text message.

LARRIE: It’s cool, man.  No one
wants to be monitored.
SKI:  We’re being watched
LARRIE: Yeah, I know and the
kids don’t get that this is
something that could help them.
SKI: Yeah.

[ There is a pause on the line &
Larrie waits. ]

SKI: Well I think it’s a great idea.
LARRIE: You serious?
SKI: Yup.  I’ll talk to Marks’ boss
and see about the process to
get it started.  Thanks Larrie.
LARRIE: You’re welcome.

[ After they hang up, Larrie
looks around then starts
jumping up and down. ]