F2A BLOG4. . . . .FRI NIGHT !

Oct 15, 2014

Sliced Up

Outside the Telazon’s.

[ Airynn is sitting on his
porch when Joh arrives
& sits next to him. ]

AIRYNN: Hey, surprised you
showed.  I’m guessing all
of your besties are busy.

[ Joh laughs at him. ]

JOH: That’s right.
So why are you moping
around here on your
weekend off?
AIRYNN: My girlfriend left
me last week.
JOH: You had a girlfriend?
AIRYNN: Yes, smart ass.
She was staying here.
JOH: Oh, I didn’t know.
AIRYNN: And look.

[ Airynn hands him a piece
of paper. ]

JOH: Renter’s application?
AIRYNN: I was working on
getting this sweet pad
for us too.
JOH: That sucks, dude.
Too bad we’re full at
my place.

AIRYNN: Imagine me and
Weis living together?
Anyway, my plan’s ruined

Meanwhile, at the Salon.

[ Lorenzo approaches Hithe
& Ace after the meeting. ]

LORENZO: Hey, can we talk?

ACE: Sure man, what’s up?
LORENZO: I was just thinking.
We should have a guys day
at the Salon.  Bring more
men into this place.

HITHE: Yeah but we don’t
want to exclude our regulars.
Most of them are women.
LORENZO: Then let’s do
the event after hours.
ACE: And who would host?

[ Later on, at the front desk. ]

JESZYCA: What’s wrong Renzo?

LORENZO: I had a great idea
and they basically shot it
down.  I need to do something
huge and then maybe I’ll get
some respect around here.

Airynn’s bedroom.

[ After Joh leaves, Airynn is
laying down flipping through
the channels.

He stops at an interesting
news story. ]

“Tonight we follow the lives
of a local, private religious
group and learn of their
rather different traditions.”

[ Intrigued, Airynn settles
back, paying attention. ]

AIRYNN: I wonder where
these people stay at.

[ Getting on his laptop, he
searches for some deeper
insight on the matter. ]

AIRYNN: Hmm, Palaseto Clan.

Very interesting.

[ He looks to see if he can
find an address, when his
brother walks in the room.

Airynn shuts the laptop. ]

BILLY: What was that about?
Gross.  Were you watching

Next night, the Salon.

[ Lorenzo meets Sascha
at the front door while
she goes to unlock it. ]

LORENZO: Hey, thanks for
your help.

[ They walk in. ]

SASCHA: No problem.  I can’t
believe Ace and Kare didn’t
wanna be a part of this.
Should I text them and
make sure?
LORENZO: No, no.  I’m pretty
sure they’re going out. 
I got drinks, food, and we
should have a lot of new
faces here.

SASCHA: Sounds good.
I’ll get the table from
the break room for
LORENZO: Good idea.
SASCHA: Oh, and Pierre
Is coming too.

LORENZO: Nice.  We should
work together more often.

[ Sascha smiles at him before
walking away. ]

Outside of TA.

[ Airynn arrives to see Larrie
& Tiesun being cozy outside. ]

AIRYNN: Hey, what’s up?

TIESUN: What are you doing
here on your day off?
LARRIE: Yeah, are you that

[ Airynn doesn’t say anything
& Tiesun gets up, walking over
to him. ]

TIESUN: She left, didn’t she?

[ Airynn nods his head. ]

TIESUN: The girl he had staying
with him. 
AIRYNN: I was this close to
moving out.
TIESUN: You know, you don’t
have to be with someone to
have your own place.  I live
alone.  So does Stuu.

AIRYNN: Yeah, I know.

[ He sighs & goes silent again. ]

Back at the Salon.

[ Sascha is busy cutting
hair while Lorenzo is
entertaining the clients.

Sipping a glass a wine,
he finishes telling a joke
to the crowd. ]

LORENZO: So anyway, whose

“I am!”

[ Recognizing the voice, he
Immediately turns around. ]

SASCHA: Hey Acer.

[ She yells from her station. ]

ACE: What the hell is going
on in here?

I didn’t authorize this.

[ Sascha looks at Lorenzo,
coming over immediatly. ]

LORENZO: I’m proving that
this was a good idea.  Look
at all these people.

[ Ace takes a second to
look around. ]

ACE: It is a nice crowd.