July 29, 2015

It's A Miss

Early morning, All Hours Fitness.

[ Charles & Hahn are walking 
toward the front doors. ]

CHARLES: I can't believe you got
me to come here at 7 and before
a work shift.  I'm not so sure
about this broga thing anyway.
HAHN: It's yoga for bros.  And
don't worry it's ran by an ex
TA employee.  Now get ready
to become chill.  

[ Charles delivers a slow, eye 
roll. ]

CHARLES: I stuggle to see how
failing my arms and legs around
is going to help with my anger.
HAHN: You took that Broderick
kid and stuffed him in the freezer
like a bully in the locker room.

Sorry to state the obvious but
you need some type of help.

CHARLES: Thanks man.  A lot really.

[ Charles start to walk away but
Hahn gets in front of him. ]

HAHN: You don't want to get mad
at the wrong person.  Just saying.

[ Suddenly Kyle appears from the
back area. ]

KYLE: Morning guys.  The session
will start in ten.  See ya on the
patio outside.

[ He leaves, trailing a cart of 
various color mats behind
 him. ]

Outside the Telazon's.

[ Chais & Billy are sitting on the
front porch talking. ]

CHAIS:  Sure you don't want some?

[ He taunts Billy with a tall bottle
of vodka. ]

BILLY: No, and how the hell did
you get that anyway?  You're
lucky my parents aren't home.
CHAIS: I know. The only place
I can come where I'm not
hassled about school.  Why
does everyone want to ruin
my summer?  I don't get it.

[ Billy shakes his head. ]

CHAIS: And Jenni is always
gone doing something with-
out me.   
BILLY: Yup just wait until class
is back.  It will be even worse
 for you.  

[ Chais frowns furiously, taking
a long drink. ]

BILLY: Sorry dude.  I realize you're
going through some crap but I
don't think drinking is the solution.
CHAIS: It's fine.  I'm leaving soon
to meet up with Kii.
BILLY: Why, I thought Jai was at

CHAIS: Oh he is.  This doesn't
 concern him though.

[ Chais places the bottle back
inside his jacket.

Billy looks concerned as he
walks down the road. ]

[ Charles, Hahn and Landyn are
seated in the front row while
Kyle & Sunshine are standing
facing the group. ]

KYLE: This is Sunshine, my assistant. 

[ All the men stare and wave, some
make noises.  Kyle ignores their 
perversion, quickly moving on.

KYLE: We are gonna start out slow
and move onto more technical
areas later.

[ Kyle demonstrates by balancing
on one leg and then stretching his
other one up in the air. ]

HAHN: Oh man.
LANDYN: I'll be there soon.

[ He smiles at himself. ]

CHARLES: My body will never do

[ They stop talking as Sunshine
begins to take over. ]

SUNSHINE: Follow me. I'll take
it step by step.
CHARLES: I actually am starting
to relax.

[ Sunshine motions for him to hush
as she closes her eyes. ]

Outside Monica's house.

[ Chais meets up with Kiilyn.

He points to the house around
the corner. ]

KIILYN: I told them what's up.
Just walk on over, alright?

I gotta go meet my girl.

CHAIS: What, I thought you
we're gonna join me?
KIILYN: No.  I said I knew guys
who smoked.  Not that I did.

[ Chais stands back, stumbling
a little. ]

CHAIS: I can't believe this.
KIILYN: Look I'm leaving.  Just
watch yourself.

[ Kiilyn goes back inside the
house & Chais travels down
the block.

Before he can knock on the
door, it comes open. ]

"Come in.  Sit over there."

[ Chais comes inside seeing
large filled bags sitting on the
table. ]

CHAIS: I just want to try it.
Is that cool?
STRANGER: Yeah this time but
I know you'll wanna buy some.

[ He starts to laugh mysteriously. ]

Afternoon, the Aisles.

[ Charles arrives at work, feeling sore
from his broga session.  As he steps
inside the double doors, Charles
immediately hears Mark calling him
to his office. ]

CHARLES: What now.

[ When Charles gets upstairs, Mark
opens the door.  Shutting it behind
him, instead of speaking Mark
sits down with his hand on his
head. ]

MARK: You know that we've had
our problems with you before.
CHARLES: I know but ever since
then I'm fine.  Growing the de-
partment even.

MARK: I know and we appreciate
it but.

MARK: I witnessed your tussle with
the Mirror bakery manager.
CHARLES: That guy was moving in
on my wife.

MARK: Do you have any proof of this

[ Charles stays silent. ]

MARK: I'm sorry but I have to 
fire you.

At Mark & Ski's.

[ Chais arrives, sitting down
on the porch.

He jumps a little when he sees
Mark pull into the driveway. ]

MARK: Hey.  Why are you sitting
out here?

[ Chais just looks down. ]

MARK: Have you been drinking?
CHAIS: Just leave me alone.
MARK: I can't do that.  You're
my responsibility.  Tell me
what's going on.

[ Chais stays silent. ]

MARK: Okay fine.

[ Mark walks back inside & locks
the door behind him, leaving
Chais to sit outside.

Ski arrives a little later. ]

SKI: What's going on?
CHAIS: Dad won't let me in.