Apr 23, 2014

Take A Hit Part 2

Still at Mark & Ski’s.

SKI: If you we’re having
feelings for her, all you
had to do was tell me
and we could have
figured it out.

But you hid it for three
MARK: You can’t just go.

[ Ski grabs his suitcase
& walks out the door
leaving Mark standing
there. ]

[ The next morning at Hithe’s ]

HITHE: Hey your phone keeps
going off.  It’s probably Mark.

[ Ski takes the phone & sits
It down on the nightstand. ]

HITHE: You’re gonna have to
talk to him eventually.
SKI: I know, but not today.

I have to get to the store
& help set up everything
for the show.  Tonight
Is all about my team.

HITHE: Well, alright then.
Whose ready to party?

[ Hithe dances around the
room forcing Ski to smile. ]

Inside the Salon.

[ Karie enters Ace’s office
& sits down in front of him. ]

ACE: Hey, what’s going on?
KARIE: I don’t know.  Everyone
seems to have a problem with
He may be a little self-absorbed
but he’s great at what he does.

[ Ace looks away from her. ]

KARIE: Oh no.  Not you too.
ACE: I’m sorry babe.  He just
rubs me the wrong way.
KARIE: And Hithe agrees?
ACE: Yes but it’s your decision.
And we’ll stand by you.

KARIE: Good.  That’s all I needed
to hear.  He’ll be coming in this
ACE: Fine.  Tell him he could try
being less of an ass and more
humble to be around.

KARIE: Ouch. Will do.

[ She kisses Ace on the check
& leaves the office. ]

Back at Mark’s house.

[ Chais, Billy, Jenni, & Jai are
sitting in the living room
watching TV.  ]

BILLY: So that’s it, huh?
Your parents are toast.

JAI: Don’t say that!

[ Jai sighs & leaves the room. ]

CHAIS: I don’t know, man.
Ski was pretty pissed when
he left this morning.
And he won’t return Mark’s
JENNI: That’s understandable
though.  Technically your
Dad cheated.

BILLY: True, but none of us
know what it’s like to be
into guys and girls.
Anyways, I have to get
home and do some studying.

Got a test tomorrow and
my mom is all over my

[ Billy heads for the door. ]

CHAIS: Later.

Later that night.

[ Ski, Larrie, & Tiesun
arrive in a limo to pick up
Stuu, Weis & Joh for the
nights team party.

They get inside. ]

JOH: Wow, this is so cool.
WEIS: Yeah, where’s Airynn?
SKI: He’s meeting us there.
As is LeeVigh right.
JOH: Yup.

SKI: Cool, and Hithe just texted
me.  A lot of people are there
Are you excited for your first
STUU: I’m a little nervous.

TIESUN: Don’t worry about it.
I’ve heard you practice and
It will be great.
SKI: I agree.

WEIS: This is gonna be
the night of our lives.

[ Ski, Larrie, Joh, Stuu
& Tiesun raise their wine
glasses together. ]

Outside the Salon.

[ Karie is locking up when
she notices Lorenzo sitting
outside. ]

KARIE: Hey, I thought you
left an hour ago.
LORENZO: Nope, still here.
Somehow I get the idea
that no one around here
likes me.
KARIE: It’s not that at all.

LORENZO: You don’t have to
lie, Kare.
KARIE: They just don’t know
you like I do but they will
come around.
So, what do you have going
on tonight.  Hot date?
LORENZO: Nope. Probably just
sit alone in my apartment
watching movies.

KARIE: Lame.   Well, the nights
team is having a party in about
an hour.  Since you’re an official
TA employee now why don’t
you come.
LORENZO: Thanks, I’ll be there.

Inside TA, at the Party.

[ After the nights team is
introduced to the crowd,
they separate while Weis,
LeeVigh, & Stuu get set up.

Ski finds Hithe, Ace, Karie,
Amber, Jeszyca, & Landyn
seated near the stage. ]

AMBER: This is amazing, Ski.

But how are you really feeling?
I heard about Mark.
SKI: I don’t wanna talk about
it now. This is about them.

[ He gets up & goes to the
microphone. ]

SKI: I just wanted to thank
everyone for coming to
celebrate our win.
Ladies and gentleman,

[ As Weis starts to sing,
Ski finds his seat & starts
to get into the song.

Suddenly Mark arrives
in the back, seeing Ski
he starts toward him
but stops when he sees him
staring in Weis’ direction. ]


[ Outside in the parking
lot, Landyn catches up
to Mark. ]

LANDYN: Where are you going?
MARK: Away from here.
LANDYN: I think Ski would
appreciate it if you stayed
 in support.
Come on man, just hang out
with me and Ace.

MARK: Why? He’s been ignoring
me all day.  And you know what
this night is really about.
LANDYN: What, his team?

MARK: Wake up Land, it’s all
about Weis.

[ Mark gets in his car and
drives away leaving Landyn
in the parking lot. ]

100th EPISODE. . . . .

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