October 2, 2015

Show Some Love ( The Top )

In this country, more than 35 million people live inside of caves.

Things have been going well for Ski as far as The Aisles.  After working a
year as a bagger/stock person, Mark promoted him to night manager.  It was
in this position that he met his first serious boyfriend Weis.  Unfortuntely
thier relationship came to a screeching halt when a lie was revealed.
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This is the most visited country in the world.

After a whirlwind with Kyle and her time with Jeszyca, Amber wanted to
stay single for awhile.  Focusing on her work, when she finally took a mini
vacation, a room mishap led her to where she is today.  To read all about
her first encounter with the sly Dyminic, ( CLICK THE LINK ABOVE ) .

Christmas was illegal here until 1836 because it was considered a pagan holiday.

With two kids by different moms & a hectic divorce early in the series, Mark
may have the most unusual turn around yet.  Meeting Ski caused him to awaken
feelings that he had felt forced to put in the back of his mind.  As head of the
store, he has focused on maintaining top status in the company.  Being the first
to include a Salon, but even the boss has his off day.  Read it ( CLICK THE LINK