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February 25, 2015

Face The Times

Midday at The Aisles.

[ Monica is ending her store
walk and stops by Jenni's
open lane. ]

MONICA: So you drag your boo
to the movie last weekend?
JENNI: Yeah, we saw it.

MONICA: Should I risk asking
Kyle, or was the book way
JENNI: The movie is worth it.

[ Syria butts in from behind
them. ]

SYRIA: Aren't you a little young
to be watching 40 Distractions?

[ Monica & Jenni turn around. ]

MONICA: Please.  She's practically
an adult.
SYRIA: Some of those scenes with
the lead actor.

[ Syria starts to help a customer
& they turn back around. ]

JENNI: Do you know that lady down
by the door?  It's seems like she's
staring at you.
MONICA: Doubt it.  There's a
lot of crazies that come in here.

Probably a Landyn fan.

[ Monica brushes it off, walking
in the opposite direction. ]

At Kristyn's house.

[ Kristyn is in the kitchen 
looking over the mail
when her daughter
comes inside. ]

KRISTYN: How was school
MAIRYA: Fine, I guess.  You
never ask me that.
What did you hear?

[ She questions her mom while
a bizarre expression strains
her face. ]

KRISTYN: Your teacher called.
He said two boys we're fighting
in school and he's pretty sure
you were at the center of it.
MAIRYA: So I can't help it if
all the guys like me.  What
am I suppose to do, change?
KRISTYN: All I'm saying is
you should be more careful
about your reputation.  Once
it's ruined.

MAIRYA: No offense but you
had a baby with Hithe when
you were still with Dad.
KRISTYN: That's true and I never
said I was proud of it.  Although I
would give anything to have our
son back, we should have waited
to the divorce was final.

[ Kristyn stands up from the table,
not noticing Little H enter behind
her. ]

KRISTYN: I'm just trying to save
you from a similar situation.

[ In view now, Little H interupts. ]

LITTLE H: I should probably leave. 

[ Before anyone can say anything,
he's gone.  Slamming the door
behind him. ]

 Back inside TA.

[ Monica is talking to Landyn
at the self-checkout stand. ]

MONICA: I think you have a
fan down by the door.  One
of those stalkerish types.

LANDYN: Oh goody.  If I have
to tell another middle-aged
woman I'm not available.

Yeah right, I love it.
MONICA: Want me to call
her over?

[ Before she can answer
someone approaches the
stand. ]

"I know it's been awhile
but we should talk."

[ Later on, outside. ]

MONICA: If you wanted to
see the kids.  You could have
called.  We've always gotten
GRANDMA: I know but after my
son caused all those problems
here a few years ago.  I just wasn't 
sure how you would react.

MONICA: It's alright, really.
GRANDMA: Good.  That's not the
only reason why I came here
though.  This is a little hard
to say.
MONICA: Why, what is it?

GRANDMA: I just found out that
Jarone had other kids.

 Meanwhile at Kristyn's.

KRISTYN: Don't give me that look.
How was I suppose to know
Hithe never told him?  I 
wonder myself why not.

MAIRYA: I should go find him.
KRISTYN: Stay here.  They need to
talk this out without interference.

I know you care about H. 

[ Kristyn sits closer to Mairya. ]

KRISTYN: Is that the reason why
you're doing this?  Acting out.
MAIRYA: No.  It's just like I told
you.  Anyway, I'm going to my 
KRISTYN: Okay.  I'll be starting
dinner soon.  

[ Mairya hastily leaves, not
commenting. ]

[ Kristyn gets up & walks over to
her china cabinet.  Opening a shelf
she takes out an old album.

She finds a picture of Hithe sitting
on a chair, holding their baby. ]

 Later on the night.

[ Monica walks into her kitchen
& sees her son sitting at the
table. ]

KIILYN: What's up Mom?  You
look like you've seen a ghost.

MONICA: Just your Dad's mother.

She showed up at TA today.
KIILYN: For what?
MONICA: To see you and your

KIILYN: She could have called
you for that.
MONICA: That's what I said.

[ She lets Kiilyn leave without
saying anything more.

Getting out pots and ingredients,
she instead starts to prepare
her meal when Trailyn comes
home. ]

MONICA: Hey.  You're just in
time to help me cook.  

[ Kristyn is talking to Hithe
on the phone. ]

KRISTYN: I'm guessing you
had a talk.  I'm sorry Hithe,
I wasn't even aware he was

HITHE: Don't apologize.  I should
have told him from the beginning.
I just didn't want him to feel like
he was a replacement.
KRISTYN: I understand.  How is H?

HITHE: He was mad at first but
I explained things to him.  I'm
pretty sure he got it.
KRISTYN: That great then.
HITHE: Yeah. So how was your 
KRISTYN: You mean, besides the
argument with Mairya that started
this whole thing?

[ Hithe smiles. ]

KRISTYN: As good as a day off gets.
HITHE: Want me to come over?  I'll
sneak in through your window.
KRISTYN: I'll see you in the morning

[ She hangs up on him. ]