PREVIEW BTF TA. . . . . .Tonight!

March 26, 2015

Circle of Chance

Sunday Morning, TA Salon.

[ Jeszyca, Karie, & Amber are
talking in the break room. ]

"I just came by to see how
things we're going."

JESZYCA: We're fine.  Lorenzo
doesn't have that many clients
coming in today.
KARIE: Okay.  If not, Sascha is
free and close now.

[ Karie walks toward the door. ]

AMBER: See ya Kare.

JESZYCA: Dyminic came in the
other day.  He's so random.  Even
had other customers rolling.
AMBER: Yeah, it can be a little
draining at times but I love him. 
JESZYCA: I'm happy for you Am.

AMBER: I saw that pic you posted
the other night with the blonde.
She your new girl?
JESZYCA: Not officially no.  She just 
moved to the states.  A friend 
of Renzo's.

[ Suddenly the door swings open hard. ]

JESZYCA: Speaking of her, hey.
AMBER: Well okay then. I'll let you 
two talk.  Hi.

[ She waves and exits as Sunshine
approaces Jeszyca. ]

Afternoon, Weis' apartment.

[ Weis starts knocking on
his bathroom door. ]

"Come in."

WEIS: You almost ready?

[ He sits down on the shower
edge while Stuu is fixing his
hair. ]

STUU: Yeah.  You didn't have
to knock weirdo,

[ Weis stands up next to him. ]

WEIS: Is that my gel?  Since when
do you give a crap about what
your hair looks like?
STUU: I don't.  Just trying out 
something different.  You like

[ He places the tub in the 
drawer, turns & walks out.

Later inside Stuu's car, he
notices Weis' gaze on him
as he drives. ]

STUU: What's up? I know you
wanna say something.
WEIS: You're gonna keep your
cool around Landyn, right?
I mean, there was the whole
thing with Larrie at TA.
STUU: That was a misunder-
standing.  I apologized.  
And I'm use to your circle
of exes by now working
with Ski for so long.

WEIS: Hey, that's a little
different.  We're closer friends.
STUU: Not really.  If I'm not on
my best behavior, you can feel
free to spank me.  
WEIS: I'll hold you to that.

[ They laugh as Stuu pulls into
the parking lot. ]

Back inside the Break Room.

JESZYCA: I wasn't expecting to
see you until tonight.

[ Jeszyca gets closer but is stopped
by Sunshine. ]

SUNSHINE: This isn't a friendly visit.

[ She backs up, removing her scarf
slowly to reveal a blinding tone
to her hair. Jeszyca looks in awe. ]

SUNSHINE: If you haven't guessed, 
this wasn't what I was going for.

I asked for a more natural blonde.
JESZYCA: I'm sorry.  Lorenzo must
have gotten confused on the color.
He's still learning.
SUNSHINE: This is unacceptable.  I
have an important meeting and I
look like an old shrew.

JESZYCA: I'm sure Lorenzo can fix
this no problem.  I'll go let him
SUNSHINE: That's alright.  He 
doesn't seem able.  Listen, I like
you a lot.  Hope this doesn't
mess anything up but I'm filing
a complaint.

Inside Landyn's.

"So if someone could help
me get this bed frame out
to the truck."

STUU: I got it.

[ Stuu looks at Weis before
disappearing outside. ]

STUU: You're really smooth in
those TA ads.  How'd you get
so comfortable on camera?
LANDYN: I did a little modeling
when I was younger.  Shot
a few for a local store.  

[ They sit the furniture down &
head back inside. ]

WEIS: I'll get the chairs.

[ He whispers to Stuu but doesn't
notice Landyn watching in the
distance. ]

WEIS: See.  It's easy being nice.

[ Stuu pushes Weis as he walks
by.  Landyn looks away.  ]

STUU: Can I ask you a question?

[ He glances out the window
for Weis who is busy lifting
the chairs. ]

Meanwhile, at the Salon.

[ Jeszyca & Lorenzo are talking
near his station. ]

JESZYCA: Someone needs to work
on their coloring.

LORENZO: I knew she came in
here to complain.  That's all
she has done ever since me
and Madeline got together.
JESZYCA: Really, is she that

LORENZO: Apparently.  I think
she wants to move out too.
I offered to fix it last night.

What else can I do?
JESZYCA: Maybe you should
try giving them their time.
Those girls have been
 through a lot.
LORENZO: That's true.  The last
thing I wanna do is get in the
middle of their friendship.

JESZYCA: Well then go.  Use your
charm in a positive way for once
and talk Sunshine out of that
write up.
LORENZO: Fine.  I'll do it for the

[ He smirks at Jeszyca while head-
ing towards the back. ]

Outside of Landyn's.

[ Stuu is waiting in the car while
Weis talks to Landyn. ]

WEIS: Sure you don't need any
help at the condo?

LANDYN: Thanks but Kyle is meet-
ing me there.  We're having a guys
night after.
WEIS: That's cool.
LANDYN: Stuu seems like a nice,
normal guy.
WEIS: Yeah.  What's normal?
LANDYN: Nothing.  It's a good thing.
I'll have you over some time when
I get things settled.

[ Weis joins Stuu in the car. ]

WEIS: Let's go.  Weren't you saying
you wanted to lay down?  Or was
that just an excuse to get in my

[ Stuu stays silent. ]

WEIS: What's wrong?
STUU: I'm not so good at this dating
thing but since we're for real I
thought I should tell you.

Someone kissed me a little while
ago.  I put a stop to it though.  They
were just drunk, I'm sorry.
WEIS: It's fine.  No big deal.  

[ Weis catches his stare. ]

WEIS: Hey don't be afraid
to tell me anything.  I'll be
STUU: That's a huge relief 
then because it was Joh.

WEIS: Wait, what?