Jul 23, 2014

Virtual Insanity

At Monica’s house.

[  She enters, holding a large
shopping bag.  Seeing Kyle on
the couch, Monica sits down
on his lap. ]

MONICA: Hey, I got your message.

KYLE: I see.  Does your response have
anything to do with the contents of
that bag?
MONICA: You’re catching on.

[ She kisses Kyle, letting her tongue
linger a little in his mouth. ]

KYLE: Nice.  Show me.

[ Monica gets up & sits next to him. ]

MONICA: What about the food you’re
making.  It smells great, by the way.
KYLE:  Thanks.  That won’t be done
for awhile. 
MONICA: In that case.  Let’s get

[ With those words, Monica gets off
the couch.  Heading to their bedroom,
she turns & tosses her shirt at Kyle.

He then follows her to the back. ]

Meanwhile, overseas.

[ Billy, Chais, & Jenni are
walking in a local shopping
district. Jenni walks off. ]

CHAIS: Sure you don’t wan’t
to join us at whatever crap
thing we’re gong to next?

[ He makes a face. ]

BILLY: No, I’m just gonna walk
around the park.
CHAIS: Fine man.  Just don’t get
lost.  See you in two hours.
BILLY:   Alright.  See ya.

[ Chais & Jenni leave while
Billy continues to walk on.  He
sees a few people walking past
in a rush.  Then a young man
with a camera, sitting on the side
catches his eye. ]

CAMERAGUY: Hi.  You have a second
to talk?
BILLY: Maybe.  Why are you filming me?
CAMERAGUY: It’s for a documentary I’m
doing.  Is it alright if I ask you a few
BILLY: Sure, I guess.

CAMERAGUY: Fine.  Why don’t we go
In the corner over there?  I’ll get you
In better lighting.

[ Billy slowly follows him. ]

In Monica’s bedroom.

“Is that a. . . . .”

MONICA: Dominatrix outfit.
Told ya, I know how to spice
things up.

Now lay down on the bed.
On your stomach.

[ Kyle obeys in silence.
Waiting for her next move.

Monica takes a long feather
and drags it all the way down
his back side. ]

KYLE: Ohhh.
MONICA: Don’t speak!
You must remain silent.

[ She now uses a blindfold
to hinder his view. ]

MONICA: That’s better.

[ She turns Kyle around
& he looks at her in surprise.
Reaching, he tries to get a
kiss but she teasingly rejects

After Kyle attempts to remove
his blindfold, Monica thinks
of a proper punishment. ]

A public park corner.

[ Billy is sitting on a bench. ]

CAMERAGUY: You’re American, correct?
BILLY: Yes.  I’m just visiting for the summer.
CAMERAGUY: I understand.  And just to be
clear, how old are you?

[ Billy stops talking & looks away for
a brief second. ]

BILLY: Eighteen.  Uh, it’s a before
college trip.  Here with some

[ His hand starts to shake as
he looks up. ]

CAMERAGUY: And a girlfriend, I
Don’t take this the wrong way
but you’re a handsome guy. 
BILLY: Thanks.  I’ve never had
a girlfriend.
CAMERA: Why is that?
BILLY: I don’t know, man.
Girls are confusing.

[ They both laugh.  Billy looks
down & can now see what fills
the camera guy’s bag. ]

BILLY: Whoa.  What’s all that for?

Back at Monica’s.

[ Kyle is still laying stretched out
on the bed & Monica has arranged
various fruit to cover his body.

Picking a strawberry from off
his belly button, she shoves it
in his mouth.  Looking down,
she can’t help but smile & then
starts to laugh. ]

KYLE: Is this part of it?
MONICA: No, no.  I can’t do
this.  I like regular sex.  If
that makes me boring.
KYLE: Of course not. Our
sex is fantastic.  We don’t
need to change anything.
MONICA: That’s good.  Glad
you like it.

KYLE: I love it.  Now let’s
finish what you started.

[ She gets on top of him
& they roll over. ]

KYLE: Oh crap!  The food.

Park bathroom.

[ Billy is standing by
the wall. ]

BILLY: You give people money
in exchange for doing things?
CAMERAGUY: That’s right.

BILLY: What would I have to
CAMERAGUY: Look down.

[ He zooms in on Billy’s expression
as he notices what’s coming out
of the guy’s zipper. ]

Billy looks away fast. ]

BILLY: I don’t know. 
CAMERAGUY: I’ll give you all
of this.

[ Billy sees the stack of cash
that is more than he can count.

Slowly, he gets down on his knees
& starts looking around. ]

BILLY: Alright.  I’m in.