Apr 16, 2014

Take A Hit Part 1

Afternoon, TA Salon.

[ Ace, Hithe, Sascha, Jeszyca
& Karie are talking in the
break room. ]

KARIE: Alright guys.  So we
decided to meet Saturday
at 9 to get set up.
Is everyone good with
that time?

[ They all agree. ]

JESZYCA: We should have
people coming in all day.
SASCHA: Yeah, we passed
out flyers for hours.
KARIE: Great, thanks.

Since we mostly get
female clients, I think
it’s a good idea to get
a male to do cuts too.
ACE: I agree.
KARIE: I invited my friend
from school, Lorenzo
to help us out. 
HITHE: Sounds good.

[ A few minutes later, the
meeting clears out except
Ace & Karie. ]

ACE: You’re doing a great
KARIE: As long as everyone
does what we talked about.
ACE: As many times as you
drilled us, I think we all got
it babe.

[ He laughs. ]

At Mark & Ski’s place.

[ Ski & Hithe are talking
on the phone. ]

HITHE: So congratulations,
I heard you kicked day
team’s ass.
SKI: Not to brag, but we
did end up getting twice
as many as them.
HITHE: Damn.
SKI: Yeah, I’m putting together
a night party to celebrate
next week. 
HITHE: Cool, I’ll be there.

SKI: Anyway, I thought you
had something to tell me
HITHE: Yeah, I don’t know
exactly how to say this
so I’ll just come out with
I filled out papers a little
while ago to start the
adoption process.
SKI: You’re serious?
Wow, that’s great news!

At LeeVigh’s work office.

[ The team leads & managers
are having a meeting. ]

MANAGER: Are there any
suggestions on how we
can improve our monitoring
of employees?

TESSA: Yes, I think we
should listen daily and
score weekly.

[ LeeVigh raises his hand. ]

LEEVIGH: Nah, I believe that’s
too much.  Most of my team
is good and we don’t want
them to feel over managed.

What about every two?

[ Tessa stares at LeeVigh. ]

[ After a vote, everyone
starts to leave. ]

TESSA: What was that?
LEEVIGH: My honest opinion.
Why is there a problem?
TESSA: No, I just thought
you should have my
back considering we’re

[ She leaves the office. ]

Next morning, TA Salon.

[ The team is inside when
Karie enters with a new
employee. ]

KARIE: This is Lorenzo.

[ He waves. ]

LORENZO: Nice to meet you.
And hello ladies.

[ Hithe rolls his eyes, walking
away & Ace follows him. ]

KARIE: You can set up down

[ Sascha walks up to Karie. ]

SASCHA: Don’t worry, everything
should go smooth.  Hey, there’s
already people waiting outside.
That’s a good sign.
KARIE: I know, it’s so exciting.
Just hope Lorenzo doesn’t
get into it with anyone.

He does have a way about
him sometimes.

That night, TA.

“Larrie to the upstairs
office. “

[ Larrie enters & shuts
the door, seeing Ski
sitting at the desk. ]

LARRIE: What are we
doing in Mark’s office?

SKI: I’ve just been having
a weird feeling lately about
Mark.  He’s been acting way
Then I come up here and
he’s taken down the pictures
of me and the kids.
LARRIE: Yeah, what are you
SKI: I’m confused. And now

[ He hands Larrie his phone
& reads the text out loud. ]

LARRIE: Can you come home
on lunch.  We need talk.

Oh man, what does he have
to tell you?  I wonder.

Earlier at the Salon event.

[ Lorenzo & Sascha are talking
In between customers. ]

LORENZO: Are you single?
SASCHA: Really, that’s the first
question you choose to ask me.
And no, I have a boyfriend.

LORENZO: Well, damn then.
But are you happy?

[ He smirks at Sascha. ]

SASCHA: Yes. I am.
LORENZO: And what about
Jeszyca over there?
SASCHA: No chance. She
doesn’t date men.
LORENZO: I see, I see.

[ Hithe walks over all of
a sudden. ]

HITHE: Is there a problem

[ He looks at Lorenzo. ]

LORENZO: No, not unless
you want there to be.
HITHE: Excuse me.

[ Hithe starts to confront
him but stops when he
sees Karie’s face from
across the room. ]

SASCHA: Guys, knock it off!
Customers are coming.

Back to that night.

[ Ski arrives home & walks
Into the living room where
Mark is waiting for him. ]

SKI: What’s going on?

[ Mark looks down before
he starts to speak. ]

MARK: I need to tell you
about the casino weekend.
SKI: Oh. What about it?
MARK: You know that new
cashier I told you about.
SKI: Yeah, Lacey right?
MARK: Yes, I didn’t plan
on this or anything but
she was there.

I had a few two many
drinks, Ace had went
back to the room &
SKI: What did you do?

MARK: We kissed but I
stopped it.  I’m so sorry.

[ Ski sits across from him,
stunned to silence. ] 

FINALE PART 2 . . . . .

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