January 22, 2017

Them vs. Me vs. Us

Scene One:

[ Ski walks into the house &
sees Jai passed out on the
couch. ]

"Hey! You know it's 7:30."

[ Jai sits up fast, disoriented. ]

JAI: Shit.  

SKI: Are you alright? I feel
like we haven't talked in
awhile. You're always dis-
appearing at night.
JAI: Yeah I'm fine.  We'll
catch up later I promise.
Can you text Jenni for 
me?  I'll be there in an
SKI: Sure bud.

[ Jai grabs his stuff & heads
for the bathroom. ]

[ Much later; Ski joins Amber,
Jeszyca, & Hithe at the Cafe
across from TA. ]

"You ready for your fake
camping trip?"

[ Amber smiles, Hithe starts to
laugh a little. ]

SKI: Hey. We're not spending all
our time in the RV.  
HITHE: Give him credit.  This is
probably the most outdoorsy
thing he's ever done.

[ Ski goes silent for a moment
thinking about how Jai was
earlier. ]

AMBER: How's everything going
at home?  I heard that Jenni and
Jai are doing well at Care now.
SKI: Yeah.  I'm not sure how Jai
is really handling it. He has
school also.  I mean we weren't
wrong letting him do both. Were

JESZYCA: Everyone gets tired and
runs late.
HITHE: Unless it gets worse.  I
wouldn't worry about it.  Jai
would tell you if he didn't
think he could handle it.
AMBER: Yeah.  I don't see a pro-

[ The waiter returns to take
their orders. ]

Scene Two:

[ Charles is standing up to the
counter waiting for his wallet
to be returned to him.

A flash of the past three months
he's spent locked away over take
him until he realizes the clerk is
staring, waiting for him to move. ]

"Thank you."

[ As the door shuts & locks behind
him, Charles notices his friends
waiting in the parking lot. ]

CHARLES: I didn't think anyone
would come.

[ They come closer. ]

RICKY: You think we'd let you walk?
MAXX: Not when we've been counting
the days until we see you.  Why don't
we get something to eat?

CHARLES: Great.  Can we stop at my
place first so I can change?

[ Charles gets in the back & Maxx
heads out of the parking lot.

They turn right & Charles begins
to stare out the window. Cracking
the window, he gasp enjoying the
fresh air. ]

CHARLES: I should call Hahn.

[ Maxx turns down the music &
Ricky pretends not to hear him. ]

CHARLES: For some reason it's
not going through.  My phone
is on.  I already checked it.

MAXX: Yeah about that.  I don't
think you'll be hearing from
Hahn anymore.  And I wouldn't
try to contact him either.  

Sorry man.

Scene Three: The night after.

[ As the sun begins to set at
Mirror Lake.  Ski, Larrie, & Joh
are drinking beers & sitting on
chairs near the water. ]

SKI: Can't believe I've never
heard of this place before.

[ He smiles, behind his shades.
Replacing his empty glass. ]

JOH: Yeah. Nice find.  I'm sur-
prised your girl didn't wanna
come along.
LARRIE: I don't have a girl

[ Ski sits up to speak. ]

LARRIE: And no I don't need
to talk about it.  Remember
this is meant be relaxing.
SKI: I agree.  No relationship
drama while were here.
JOH: Fine with me.  I didn't
ever have one.  

[ They start to laugh. ]

SKI: There is something kind
of personal I wanted to discuss
JOH: You're finally telling me

[ He looks excited, getting closer. ]

SKI: Not exactly.  When I ask
you, I'll need your up front
and honest opinion, Okay?

LARRIE: Just say it already.
SKI: Do you think that I'm.

Scene Four:

[ Charles is sitting at the table
with Ricky & Maxx across from
him.  All three are sipping on
their milkshakes. ]

"So what exactly did Hahn say?"

RICKY: Pretty much that he didn't
want to hear from you.  Aside from
making sure your place was around
he's done.  
MAXX: Don't worry about it man.  You
got us.  

CHARLES: This doesn't make much sense
though.  He came in to see me every
MAXX: Not everyone understands that
when you were seeing all those girls
you weren't in your right state of mind.
CHARLES: What is that suppose to 
I didn't force them to do anything.

[ Maxx takes a break.  Looking for the
words. ]

RICKY: We know that.
CHARLES: But Hahn doesn't. Of all
people he should know.  He should
know me.
MAXX: You can't make him though.

Just try to focus on what you do

CHARLES: Yeah, what's that?  I'm 
tired of starting over.

Scene Five:

[ They continue their conversation in
-side while Larrie is preparing some
food. ]

JOH: Do I think you're shallow?

Well you're married and I don't
really see you checking out

SKI: I know.  I was just think-
ing the other day about my
choice of friends.
LARRIE: What about us?

[ He actually looks threatened. ]

SKI: Nothing about you per se.
It's me.  I'm attracted to every
single one of you.
JOH: Well thank you.

[ He smirks at Ski. ]

SKI: I think it's starting to really
affect my place as manager too.
LARRIE: Judging by the new hires
I saw last week, I dont think so.

[ He looks over at Joh for approval. ]

SKI: Weis hired them and that's
not really my point.  It just feels
wrong.  Maybe I should see some-
one about it.
LARRIE: Hey, if you need another
opinion I'll just tell you now. We're
all crazy.

SKI: Thanks.

[ He shrugs his shoulders, feeling
worse. ]

Scene Six:

"I thought you were leaving."

MAXX: Figured you might not
want to be alone tonight.

[ He waves & Ricky drives off. 

Back in Charles' living room. ]

MAXX: Fire up the system.

[ He pulls out a bottle of alcohol
& sits two glasses down on the
table. ]

CHARLES: Seriously?
MAXX: Yup.  That's what we're

[ Charles watches as the drink
slowly fills each glass.

They both takes long sips. ]

MAXX: I know it's not easy losing
someone you've spent so much
time with.  Real people are hard
enough to find as it is.  That why
I'm gonna be here whenever you
want me to be.  
CHARLES: Thanks man but I'm not
going to cry over it.

MAXX: Focus on the game instead.

Just one more thing.  Promise me
you're not going back.

[ Charles looks up at Maxx. ]

CHARLES: I promise.