May 8, 2016

With Bitter Certainty: Part 2 (Finale)

scene one:
Behind TA employee lot.

[ Sunshine, Jenni, & Jai are
gathered.  Waiting for Mark. ]

"I'm Mark's son, Jai.  Nice to
meet you.  

[ He smiles, extending his
hand to Sunshine. ]

SUNSHINE: It's my pleasure.

[ She feels confusion but
stays polite. ]

JAI: This is just my brother's
JENNI: Excuse me I worked at
TA.  Just like you did and for
longer Mister.

SUNSHINE: Not to interrupt but
aren't you two a little young
to be working in a bar?

JAI: What bar?
JENNI: Ohh.  She didn't get
the company email.  
SUNSHINE: We have email?

[ Jai pulls out his cell, points
& begins reading. ]

JAI: Attention employees.  Due
to greater need expressed
through local visitors. The 
new TA building will now
be used for TACare.

[ They watch as Sunshine's
expression changes from
excitement to annoyance. ]

SUNSHINE: I hate kids.

[ Noticing their faces she
wishes she had kept this
information private. ]

SUNSHINE: I mean.  

[ Jai starts to laugh. ]

JENNI: That's great.
SUNSHINE: Just don't tell
your Dad I said that. Okay.

"Don't tell me you said

[ They turn around to see
Mark standing there. ]

scene two:
Night before, inside Charles'.

 "What are you doing here?
Not that I'm not happy to
see you."

[ Charles throws his coat down
& walks into the living room
where Ricky & Hahn are seated. ]

RICKY: We were worried about

CHARLES: Well I appreciate
that.  I found work out of
town so I've been staying at
hotels during the week.
HAHN: Well you're here now
and we're making dinner.
RICKY: Maxx should be by
soon.  You two can catch
CHARLES: Good.  I'll be
down in a minute.

[ He watches them, then
hurries upstairs.  Shutting
the door he throws his
backpack down on the
ground as it unzips.

Piles of cash layer the
ground. ]

[ Hearing someone coming
up the stairs, Charles shovels
it all back in just in time. ]

HAHN: Dinner's ready.
CHARLES:  Thanks.  Do you
mind giving me some time
after?  I'm really worn out.

HAHN: Sure.  No problem bud.

I can take a hint.

scene three:
Present Day, TA Care building.

[ Mark is finally ready for the
meeting. ]

"Glad you're here Dad."

[ Jai walks over beside him. ]

JENNI: Yeah.  We we're just
discussing how our -------

[ Jenni is about to wander with
her words but Jai cuts her off. ]

JAI: How eager we all are to
be working with kids.  Right?

[ Everyone looks at Sunshine
who isn't chiming in. ]

SUNSHINE: Yes. It's a dream.
MARK: Good to hear.  Anyway
we should be able to do more
in a couple weeks when we're
cleared to go inside.
Then everyone can start to
concentrate on their separate

SUNSHINE: Which are what?

MARK: You will be my general
manager as we discussed. Jai
will be in charge of marketing
and Jenni will run the sitters.

Okay.  I'll email everyone
again when we have a
set schedule in place.

[ Afterwards, Jai finds Sunshine
walking to her car. ]

"Hey.  We're going to do 
great things.  Don't worry."

[ She turns around. ]

SUNSHINE: Oh I'm not.
Not anymore.

scene four:

[ Outside after Charles leaves,
Hahn takes the opportunity to
look over a notepad he hid in
his search earlier.

Flipping through the pages
he sees women's names,
different locations, dates,
& times for meeting. ]

[ Quickly, Hahn dials up Maxx. ]

"Hey, are you guys still in
the area?"

MAXX: Yeah man.  What's up?
HAHN: I think Charles may be
in trouble.  The way he was
acting earlier and then I
found a log of his affairs.
MAXX: Affairs, like what?
HAHN: Yes.  He's obviously
been doing more than just
going on dates with these

And the bag he carries around.
It's all starting to add up.

I'll text you an address.  I'll need
help confronting him but this has
to end tonight.

scene five:
Meanwhile, at Amber's.

[ Dyminic is standing at the
island putting together a salad
for their meal when Amber
comes from behind & covers
his eyes. ]

"Hey, I kind of need those."

[ He smiles as she removes
her hands. ]

AMBER: Sit down.  Entertain
your wife for a second.
DYMINIC: Okay.  Is there some-
thing you need to tell me?
AMBER: Maybe there is.

[ Dyminic places their hands
together. ]

DYMINIC: I actually have to tell
you something too.
AMBER: Oh well go ahead.
DYMINIC: I'm going back to the
practice next week. I think it's
AMBER: You sure your done with

DYMINIC: Definitely.  I found out
too much fun isn't a good thing.

What were you gonna say?
AMBER: Nothing babe. I'm just
kind of.  Pregnant!

[ Dyminic tries to speak but is
at a loss for words. ]

AMBER: You should see your

scene six:

[ Maxx & Ricky get out of the car,
meeting Hahn across the street. ]

"I don't think we should bother

[ Ricky states, looking at Hahn. ]

MAXX: Yeah.  Let's just wait for
Charles to come out and then try
and talk some sense into him.

HAHN: I can't believe this is how he's
been paying his way the whole
RICKY: The last thing we want to
do is judge.  It's better to find
the reason why first.  

[ Hahn steps a little away. ]

HAHN: We know the reason.  Sandie.
And his inconsiderate, drug deal-
ing brother.  
MAXX: They were in the wrong but
they also didn't make him do this.

[ Suddenly their conversation is
silenced by the hustle going on
across the street.

They see Charles being carried
out of the building by a police
officer.  Two females being brought
out beside him. ]

[ Hahn starts to head over & Maxx
stops him. ]

MAXX: What are you doing? We
should leave.
HAHN: I have to explain.  Maybe
if I.

RICKY: You can't fix this Hahn.  It's

[ She states, with tears in her eyes.

Maxx shuffles him into the back,
Ricky gets in the passenger seat
& they drive off as Charles is
being taken away. ]