October 1, 2017

At The Start ( Part 2 )

After hours. | TheAisles


"What do you want from us?"

[ Weis coughs out trying to

keep his cool while Larrie &

Tiesun sit on either side. He

can feel them both shaking

as they stare at the wall. ]

"You! Check out girl. Get the

cash from the register."
[ She stands & turns as the

man follows her to self check.

Gun firmly placed in Tiesun's

back. They walk on.
Meanwhile, in his back office. ]
SKI: What is taking Weis so long

with those apps?
Let me see.
[ He shakes his computer awake

& brings up the security camera.
Stunned to ice, he immediately finds

the robber & Tiesun being sat

back down. ]
[ Ski grabs his phone. Tapping his

fingers back to life, he nervously

starts to dial. ]
[ Back up front. ]
"Just stand there and shut up. I'll

be gone before you know it."
[ He keeps the gun aimed at them

until he is safely in his car. License

plate covered, he zooms passed

the front and out of the lot. ]

Same time. | The Simon's

[ Ace & Mark are settled in side-

by-side recliners. Drinking beer,

with the television on in the

background. ]
MARK: This is the longest you've

been single since I've known

ACE: Dude I'm not single.
MARK: Oh excuse me. Being

someone's occasional office

hookup has to count for some-

thing. My bad.

[ He states, riling him a little. ]

ACE: Hey. She actually called

me the other day.

MARK: Really, for conversation?

[ Ace takes the last drink of his

bottle & heads for the kitchen. ]

ACE: Naw. Just to tell me not

to meet her in the morning.

Your phones going off.

[ Mark gets up. Taking it from

the table. ]

"We have to get to TA."
ACE: What's going on?

MARK: We we're robbed!
ACE: Is everyone okay?

MARK: I'm not sure yet. I just

got an ER text from Ski!
I'll wake up Chais. He can

drive us there.

All clear. | TheAisles


[ Outside is littered with cop cars &

entrances being blocked off. Inside,

the three witness are being questioned

Ski stands off to the side. Larrie walks

up to him. ]
SKI: I'm so glad you guys are alright.

[ Larrie looks at him & they hug
onto each other. ]

LARRIE: He was just desperate. That

was all about the money.

SKI: I know. But it doesn't make it

any less frightening. I hope they

catch this guy fast.

[ Tiesun comes over. ]

SKI: Are you okay?

TIESUN: Yeah. Thanks.
[ She smiles. Mark comes in &

Ski meets him at the door.
Larrie is staring at Tiesun. ]

LARRIE: Is there something

else you're not saying?
TIESUN: It was his voice. I heard

it before.

LARRIE: Are you sure?
TIESUN: Yes! I just can't remember

LARRIE: Well think. You could be

stopping this from happening

all over again.

Downtown MS. | All Hours Fitness.

 [ Lorenzo is lifting weights, Pierre is

spotting him while Charles sits on

the bench across from them. ]


LORENZO: You're hair is so long now

I can barely see that beautiful face.


[ He smirks. Easily repping and placing

the bar down. ]


LORENZO: Ah. I'm getting stronger

and stronger.


[ He boast & Charles rolls his eyes. ]


PIERRE: Can you believe I wanted

to spend my night off with this


CHARLES: Not anymore.


[ He leaves them for the treadmill. ]


LORENZO: So talk to me. How's the

business going?

PIERRE: Slowly but it's starting to

pick up. I have some bigger projects

starting this month so I'll be able to

get some more people on.

LORENZO: That's good. Remember that

day I attempted to substitute?


PIERRE: Yup. Stick to hair styling. 

I didn't realize you and Charles were

so close.


LORENZO: I'm kind of keeping an eye

on him. For Maxx. Don't say a word.

PIERRE: Oh yeah? Well you're doing

a poor job buddy cuz he's gone.


[ He points out the window at Charles

empty parking spot. ]

Living room. | Stuu & Weis'

[ The door opens. Weis embraces

Stuu & sees Mila.


Larrie & Tiesun come in. Sitting

down. ]


WEIS: What are you doing up

little girl? It's way past

your bed time.


STUU: Alright. Give him a kiss

and it's back to bed.


WEIS: I'll take her. Come on.


[ Stuu joins Tiesun & Larrie on

the couch. ]


STUU: I've been telling Ski

we need to have security

guards on that shift.

LARRIE: Yeah. We we're just

talking about that. He's

been working on it but you

know how upper management is.


[ Stuu looks at Tiesun. ]


STUU: You've been quiet. Are

you alright?


TIESUN: I know who it was.

LARRIE: You remembered?


[ She becomes sad & looks at Stuu. ]

Next Morning. | The Simon's

[ Ski walks outside on their back

patio. Bringing out a pitcher of

juice, he sits down to breakfast

with Mark. ]


SKI: Any word?


MARK: Yeah. We're looking into

the issue now. I demanded one

on every night shift.

SKI: Hopefully they listen. So

about the DM position, are you

thinking of taking it?


MARK: I thought about it but

no. I mean, especially not

now. With what just happened

I feel a responsibility.


Plus I love my employees and

being involved with Care.

SKI: I know you do.


So what's next?


MARK: Nothing. But me, you,

and this breakfast of champ-



[ They are interrupted by a

knock on the patio door.


It's Stuu. ]


STUU: Sorry to come over

so early.


We should talk.