May 15, 2017

Tempt (N)ation

Scene One: Mid-afternoon TA.

[  Airynn is walking at a steady pace,
surveying over the front end when
he sees Scott checking for out-of-
dates. ]

"Why are you still here?"

SCOTT: I'm working a double cuz
Jack got fired this morning.
AIRYNN: Damn.  First Lisa leaves.
Now Jack.  What is going on here?
SCOTT: I don't know but since we
still haven't gotten an official pro-
duce manager I'm hoping Mark
would consider me.

[ Airynn makes a "yeah right"
face at Scott. ]

AIRYNN: Good luck with that
dude.  Anyway, are you still
seeing Lisa?

[ Scott goes back to his work.
Trying to ignore his question
but Airynn follows him. ]

AIRYNN: What happened?

SCOTT: Nothing.  I just don't
think it's gonna work out. I
mean, you know how I can
AIRYNN:  You mean annoying,
all over the place. Irrational.
SCOTT: Yeah thanks man.  Lisa is
the complete opposite so may-
be we should just quit while
we're behind.  I can tell I
irritate her anyway.

AIRYNN: Don't be that way
Scott.  Just talk to her about it.  

Well I'd love to stay and chat
but I've been here long enough
as it is.

[ Leaving Scott, he walks through
the back doors.  Taking out his
phone, Airynn scrolls down his
contact list. Smiling sneakily
when he finds Lisa. ]

BRIAN: Hey, why are you creeping
around back here idiot?

[ He starts laughing after almost
hitting Airynn with the door. ]

AIRYNN: Just heading out.  Have fun.

Scene Two: At Amber/Dyminic's.

[ Amber & Ski are sitting down baby
wall decorations in the living room
when Hithe walks in. ]

"Paint's almost dry."

AMBER: Everything out here is done.
SKI: Yeah that didn't take long. Good
thing we decided to starting build-
ing out here.

HITHE: It was great, wasn't it?  And
whose idea was that again?

SKI: Aright we get it.  Back to what I 
was saying.
AMBER: Yeah. I'm worried about it
too.  When I was over the other
day he wouldn't even speak. That's
not like Jai.
SKI: I don't like how he is so
dependant on this one friend.  

He let things go with Trailyn.
Never talks to us or his bro-
thers. He's just absent.

AMBER: Hopefully the time he's
had to think actually did some
HITHE: If he's not talking to his
family.  Maybe he'll consider
talking to a professional.

SKI: So where did Mairya end-
ing up going?
HITHE: She and her newer boy
are staying with her older boy.
SKI: You mean Caleb?

HITHE: Yeah. He got emancipated.
SKI: Wow.  I wonder how he's
doing now.

[ Ski makes a face like he is off
into space, thinking. 

He returns to Amber & Hithe
staring at him. ]

SKI: Don't give me that look.

Caleb was a.  Nice guy.  

Scene Three: Outside the Simon's.

[ Hidden behind tinted windows, A'Myan 
is parked at the end of the block.  Jai gets
inside. ]

"Jesus. I've been sitting her for 20
minutes bro."

JAI: My bad.  I had to sit through one
more lecture before he let me go.  I
have to wait another week before I
can get my car back.

Go to the park.  It's closer.

[ A'Myan speedily drives off.  

Just a few minutes later. ]

AMYAN: They should of made your
ass get tested.

[ They sit parked in a corner of an
empty lot, in the shade. ]

JAI: They still could. We we're lucky
to get away with that shit.
AMYAN: You were right though.  Your
Dads never came outside to check.  

[ After Jai gets a satisfying hit, he
attempts to hand the pipe over to
his friend. ]

AMYAN: Go ahead.  I've already had

JAI: My job is the only way I got
through these last few weeks.
AMYAN: I bet.  That's all I do is
work.  I have two jobs now. 

JAI: That must cut down on all
your time being a whore.

[ A'myan looks right at Jai. ]

AMYAN: Not if I don't sleep.

Scene Four: Later at Airynn's.

[ Airynn sees his brother Billy & a
stranger sitting down, watching
TV. ]

"Whoa. I didn't know you talked
to girls."

[ Billy rolls his eyes at him. ]

BILLY: So funny.  This is Ariel.

AIRYNN: Nice to meet you but
you two have to go upstairs
soon, I have somone coming

BILLY: That's a first.  Consider-
ing you don't have any friends.

[ He laughs at the insult. ]

Joh can't even be bothered
with you anymore.

AIRYNN: Joh lives in bum fuck
Egypt.  And it's not your

Just be gone in an hour.

[ He leaves them & goes to 
his back room.

Spread out on the bed he 
eagerly awaits her text back. ]

Scene Five: Back at Amber's.

[ After finishing their Chinese 
takeout, Ski & Hithe have left.

Amber is in the living room. 
Finishing up some cleaning
when Dyminic walks in. ]

DYMINIC: Can't believe that room
was empty this morning.  You three
did a great job.
AMBER: Thanks babe.  It seems like
just yesterday I was finding out I
was pregnant.

[ Dyminic leans over & kisses her
on the cheek. ]

AMBER: How was work?

DYMINIC: I had a pretty stress less
day actually.
Have you thought anymore about
what we talked about last night?
AMBER: I understand you think I
should take some extra time off
but I really believe I'll be fine.

[ Dyminic doesn't speak but Amber
can tell that her words have made
him tense. ]

DYMINIC: You should go with what
is recommended but at any rate
I'm just excited to get through
these last few weeks.
AMBER: Do you think we're ready?

DYMINIC: Of course.  You're going to
make the best mom this world has
ever seen.

Scene Six: Final Scene.

"I'm here."

[ After receiving Lisa's text, Airynn
waits alone in the room for her
to walk through the front door.

She joins him on the couch. ]

LISA: Not that it's not nice to
see you, but you mind finally
telling me what this is about?

AIRYNN: I wanted to talk to you
on behalf of Scott.  He's not 
exactly the smoothest guy
when it comes to dating.

Are you really into him?
I mean, all of him.
LISA: You're asking if I can
handle his personality?

If I couldn't, do you think
I would've started dating
him in the first place.

[ Airynn nods his head, fee-
ling a little foolish. ]

LISA: I worked with Scott
9 months.  I know him just
as well as you do.

[ Not realizing that Airynn has
moved his arm closer to her's.

Before he can connect, Airynn
shakes a vision of Scott
looking disappointed. ]

[ Placing his hand on Lisa
shoulder instead, Airynn clears
his throat. ]

AIRYNN: You should go.  And
stop by Scott's if you can.  

He'd really appreciate it.

[ He stands up, leaving her

alone in his living room. ]