Aug 27, 2014

If You're Gone Part 1

Tokyo, Deb’s Balcony.

[ Chais & Billy are talking
outside. ]

BILLY: So what’s Jen inside
CHAIS: She’s on the phone.
Anyway, don’t try and change
the subject.  You spent all your
shopping cash.  So where’d all
that money I saw come from?

BILLY: Fine.  I met this guy who
likes to record me.  He pays me.
CHAIS: Okay.  So you’re messing
around with some dude now?

BILLY: No,no.  It’s just about me.
CHAIS: You mean, jerking off
for him. Why would you
do that? I don’t get it.
BILLY: I don’t know.  He was nice
to me.
CHAIS: Yeah, I bet.  How old is he,
40. . . . .50?
BILLY: Ski’s age.

CHAIS: You’re so na├»ve, man.
He was taking advantage of
you.  Your ass is probably all
over the net by now.  Literally.

[ He gets up, opening the sliding
glass door. ]

BILLY: What’s up?

CHAIS: Come on.  We’re going
to find this creep.

Back home, at The Aisles.

[ Syria enters Mark’s office. ]

MARK: Hey, I need  your opinion
on something.
SYRIA: Sure, you look worried.
What’s going on?

MARK: Just something I’ve never
had to deal with before. I noticed
the sales figures for our big sale
didn’t match the paperwork.
SYRIA: That’s weird.
MARK: Yeah, I know. So I look
further into it and sure enough
$200 was missing.
SYRIA: Wow, what happened?
MARK: All I know is only two
people had access to the
money.  Charles and
SYRIA: Hahn.  You don’t think
It was him, do you?
MARK: I don’t.  But I’m gonna
get to the bottom of this.

[ Later on, Syria is walking to the
outdoor diner across the street.
Seeing her ex-husband Dyminic
sitting at the table, she joins him. ]

Back overseas.

[ Chais & Billy get off the bus
and walk into a local park. ]

BILLY: You’re wasting your time. 
I’m not gonna tell you if he’s

CHAIS: I don’t understand why
you’re protecting this sicko.
Did you like it?
BILLY: Dude no.  It was just for
the money.  I swear.
CHAIS: Alright then.

[ Chais sits down on a bench. ]

CHAIS: I’m sure he’ll be around
here some time.  You meet up
like every day.  Right?
BILLY: Yeah so.

[ After a couple hours, Chais
Is starting to drift off when
a strangers calls for Billy. ]

BILLY: Hey, you should probably
get out of here. 
CAMERAGUY: Why?  Not feeling
like much of a star today?
BILLY:  You used those videos. 
Didn’t you?

[ Suddenly Chais wakes up & notices
them talking.  He gets off the bench,
 immediately headed for the stranger. ]

Outside TA.

[ Hahn steps out for some fresh air
& starts looking around.  Peering
across the street, he spots his
girlfriend Syria and a man he doesn’t
recognize having lunch together.

Before he can think, Hahn grabs
his keys, staring in their direction. ]

[ Across the street. ]

SYRIA: Thanks for meeting me.
It’s good when we can still be
somewhat normal around each
DYMINIC: Come on, Sear.  Of
course we can.

[ She smiles at him, but they are
soon interrupted by a car
screeching to a stop on the
street beside them.

Hahn gets out in hurry. ]

HAHN: What the hell is going
on out here?

[ Syria buries her head, while
Dyminic looks away. ]

Back at the Park.

BILLY: Chais, wait!

[ Before he can finish, Chais
pushes the stranger, knocking
him over.  He quickly stands up,
but Chais is about to hit him. ]

BILLY: I told him I was eighteen.

[ Chais slowly puts his hand down
& the guy runs away. ]

CHAIS: What?
BILLY: I lied.  I’m sorry. Just
keep it to yourself please.

[ He sits back on the bench
while Chais is in silence.

Later, back at Deb’s. ]

JAI: Fighting, really? Come on bro.
You’re no thug.

[ He teases Chais while Jenni
sits down next to them. ]

JENNI: So some guy was
just being an asshole.
That’s it?

[ He looks over at Billy. ]

CHAIS: Yeah.  That’s it.

Inside Hahn’s car.

[ He’s talking to Syria. ]

SYRIA: You’re acting insane!

You knew we had to meet
up to go over assets at some
point.  What’s the deal?

HAHN: I’m sorry.  I didn’t
know it was Dyminic. 
SYRIA:  You think I would
just have lunch with some
random guy?
HAHN: No, I really don’t.

[ He goes to hug onto Syria
& she backs away. ]

SYRIA: Don’t right now, Hahn.
HAHN: What do you mean?

SYRIA: I’ve dealt with guys
like you before.  I refuse to
do it again.
HAHN: Like me?
SYRIA: Yes.  I don’t need to
be controlled.

[ She opens the door &
walks out.  Leaving him
alone. ]

SUMMER FINALE PT. 2 . . . . .