July 1, 2015

Eyes On You: Part Two

TA, late the next afternoon.

[ Syria is finishing up her lunch
in the break room when Sandie
walks in. ]

SYRIA: Hey.  How's the day?

SANDIE: Coffee is my friend.
I have 30 minutes to sit down
before I teach an hour decorating

[ She joins Syria at the table. ]

SYRIA: Ever since the bakery 
expanded it seems like they
have you doing a lot.  You sure
you are okay with it all?
SANDIE:  Yes I'm fine.  I figure
the more I can take on, the
faster I get the entrance &
the green light on whatever
else I need.  
SYRIA: That does makes sense.
And what about Broderick?

[ Sandie stops chewing on her
pretzel and looks right in
Syria's direction. ]

SANDIE: What about him?
SYRIA: I don't mean to but in
but you know what it looks like
to everyone who was there.  

[ Sandie's expression longs for
clarification. ]

SYRIA: Just be careful is all
I'll say.  Well I need to get
back on.  See ya soon.

[ She walks out & returns to
the self checkout counter.  Looking
toward the door, Syria slightly shivers
as an unsuspected person starts
walking quickly toward her. ]

At Mark & Ski's, light is bouncing
through the living room windows.

[ Larrie rolls over, yawns, & stretches
his arms out.  Now noticing his sister is
beside him on the couch, watching TV. ]

LARRIE: How did you know I needed
a ride?

RIAH: Ski called me from your phone.

So how out of control did you get
last night, do I even wanna know?
LARRIE: Alright I admit.  I had a bit
too much.  Shouldn't have started
at the park, I guess.
RIAH: You drink every other weekend.
Never get sick though.  What else
have you been putting in your mouth?

[ Larrie takes a gulp of his water &
immediatly spits it out through his
growing laughter. ]

RIAH: I'm serious.

[ Jai comes down the steps & stops.
Staring at Riah until she notices
he's in her view. ]

JAI: Hey.  Morning sloppy do.

LARRIE: Funny.  This is my sister
Riah.  This is Jai.

[ Jai silently smiles at her,
not finding the words. ]

TA, near self checkouts.

[ Syria keeps her distance as
Broderick approaches. ]

SYRIA: Can I ask what you're
doing here?  It couldn't be
that you were in the neigh-

BRODERICK: Actually no.  I work
an early schedule and Sandie
said I could drop by any time.

Could you direct me to where
the bakery is?

[ Syria hesitantly points out the
way keeping her eye on him
as he leaves. 

Back at the bakery, Sandie is
shocked to see Broderick. ]

SANDIE: I didn't think you
would be so eager.  I mean this
is my first class.
BRODERICK: That's okay.  I'll just
stand in the back.  You'll hardly
even notice me.

[ Sandie gathers up her supplies
as Broderick comes over.  Taking
a fair amount, he pushes his help
onto her. ]

SANDIE: Thanks. 
BRODERICK: Don't mention it.

[ They continue on side by side. ]

[ Larrie is getting his hair cut by
Karie while talking with Ace. ]

LARRIE:  I told you.  I'm not just
showing off.  It does taste good
to me.

ACE: We all know you can be creepy
but this is just bizarre. Paper, really?
LARRIE: Thanks.  I asked you for
some real advice and this is,
all you come up with.

Sometimes it feels more like
a craving.
ACE: I've never heard of this.

KARIE: Instead of playing the
guessing game.  Why don't
you just go to the doctor?
LARRIE: I'm not sick.  That's why.

ACE: Whatever this is.  It's not
normal.  You don't want to
ignore it.  I know from experience.

LARRIE: Alright I get what you're

[ Karie finshes wiping Larrie off
& removes the apron from around
him. ]

LARRIE: Now can I please get my
hair washed in peace.  

[ Larrie stands up heading to the back. ]

TA, in the bakery area.

[ Broderick and three other females
are waiting behind a table.  Sandie
comes up from the back and sits
a three layered, circular plain
cake in front of them. ]

BRODERICK: Nice.  Can't wait to
see the ending result.

[ Sandie quickly looks up. ]

SANDIE: No talking please.

Today I'm going to show 
you the different tools you
can use to assist in decoration.
You will each have a chance
to try them as well.

[ Meanwhile upstairs, Hahn &
Charles are eating in Mark's
office. ]

CHARLES: How often do you
come up here?
HAHN: Just every other hour
when Mark's not here.  To
check the cameras.

[ He sits down at the desk &
Charles stands over him. ]

CHARLES: Wait, who is that
guy in the bakery area?

[ Hahn zooms in for a closer
look. ]

HAHN: Someone moves fast.
CHARLES: I can't believe this.

Outside a local clinic.

[ Larrie walks outside to see Jeszyca
& Sunshine pull up.  He sits in the
back. ]

JESZYCA: What did you find out?

LARRIE: They need to run more test
but the doctor said he's pretty
positive about the cravings.
JESZYCA: He did, why are you
having them then?
LARRIE: It has to do with low levels
of iron or nutrients in your body.
A lot of information, I'm sorry.
I could have a disorder called
pica or something like that.

SUNSHINE: What can you do?
LARRIE: Right now he told me
to adjust my diet.  I have another
appointment next week.  It doesn't
sound that serious really.

JESZYCA: It probably could be.
SUNSHINE: You need to take
care of yourself. 
LARRIE: Don't worry. I'm taking
this very seriously girls.  

Back inside The Aisles.

[ A couple hours later, Charles
spots Broderick walking around
in the freezer section.

As he shuts a door, Charles is
standing right in front of him. ]

BRODERICK: You scared the crap
out of me.  What's up?

CHARLES: What's up is you seem to
have some sick curiosity toward
my fiance.
BRODERICK: It's not like that.
CHARLES: Well she's busy and
doesn't need you showing up
here all the time.

[ Broderick backs up. ]

BRODERICK: I get it.  Alright.
CHARLES: No. I don't think you

[ Meanwhile up front, Syria is
helping an older woman use
the self check when she hears
some commotion. 

Reaching the freezer section,
she sees Charles standing
in front of a frozen door with
a construction sign on it
& Broderick trapped on
the inside. ]

SYRIA: Let him out now!

[ Charles moves, Broderick
comes out hurrying toward
the exit.  Syria is at a loss
for words. ]



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