Nov 26, 2014

Gone Crazy

Day before Thanksgiving.

[ Charles is waiting in the
living room & Sandie comes
down the steps. ]

CHARLES: You’re not dressed
for work, I thought your
suspension was over.

[ Sandie sits down, sipping
her coffee. ]

SANDIE: It is.  I’m just not
going back.

[ Charles nervously laughs. ]

CHARLES: Wait.  You’re serious.
SANDIE: Because I’m doing my
own thing now.  I have an appoint-
ment this afternoon to see about
a loan.
CHARLES: Isn’t that a little hasty?
SANDIE: No.  I raised that department.

Barely had any customers before
I made changes that your manager
was too busy to look into.
I have the experience to do it alone.
CHARLES: If that’s what you want
to do.  I won’t stop you.

[ He smiles at Sandie & they kiss. ]

SANDIE: And don’t worry about TA.
There’s no hard feelings.

At Tessa’s apartment.

[ LeeVigh is sitting on
the couch when Tessa
walks in the room. ]

TESSA: See, isn’t this better?
More peaceful. More privacy.

[ She sits down, placing her
hand on LeeVigh’s knee. ]

LEEVIGH: Hey, I never said
I didn’t like your place.  It’s
just that’s mines a lot closer
to work for us. 
TESSA: That’s true but I think
there’s more to it.
LEEVIGH: What else?
TESSA: You’re always playing
the Dad role with your
roomates.  You can’t even
leave them for a weekend
without worrying.
LEEVIGH: So? I just care about
my friends.

TESSA: I know.  I’m not judging
you at all babe.  Anyway, what
are you going to wear to dinner
with my parent tomorrow night?

[ LeeVigh looks up quick. ]

TESSA: Oops.  Did I forget to
mention that?

Between TA and The Salon.

[ Charles is outside waiting
when Mark joins him on
the bench. ]

MARK: So where is Sandie?

CHARLES: Listen, I don’t know
how to break it to you so
I’ll just do it fast.  She isn’t
coming back, man.
MARK: What? Just because
of the two weeks.  That was
Jim’s recommendation.  Not
CHARLES: Yeah, I understand
that.  It’s alright though.  I
mean you still have her

[ They stand up & Mark is
looking across the street. ]

MARK: Wait.  Isn’t that Sandie
over there checking
out that empty store?

MARK: Oh no what?
CHARLES: I gotta go. 
I’ll be back.

Thanksgiving afternoon.

[ Tessa, LeeVigh, her parents,
& little brother are sitting
around the table. ]

TESSA’sDAD: So you two work
together and stay around each
other most of the time.
Don’t you ever get sick
of her?

[ He points at Tessa & starts
to laugh jokingly. ]

LEEVIGH: I could never get
tired of your daughter.
TESSA’sDAD: Yeah.  How long
has it been?  A few months.
TESSA: Dad.  More like six.
TESSA’sMOM: Oh well.  And
you have your own place?

[ She looks at LeeVigh. ]

LEEVIGH: Kind of.
TESSA: Actually he lives with
two other guys.

[ Her Dad looks up, making
a weird face. ]

LEEVIGH: Friends.  Just good
friends Sir, I met in college.

[ Everyone continues to eat. ]

Day before, TA.

[ Charles joins Sandie across
the street. ]

 CHARLES: Well this doesn’t
seem like your cool with
TA?  What’s going on?

[ She ignores his question. ]

SANDIE: Hey babe.  This place
looks a lot bigger from the
inside.  And it already has
a lot of what I need.
CHARLES: Don’t you care
about the store?  You
couldn’t find a different

SANDIE: I could but that would
defeat the whole entire purpose
of my moving on.
CHARLES: And what’s that?

SANDIE: When I get through with
this store, it’s going to be the
best bakery this town has ever
seen and I’m coming after them.

[ She angrily points at the TA
sign, while Charles stands there
in shock. ]

Thanksgiving evening.

[ After dinner, Tessa & LeeVigh
are waiting outside to start
Black Friday shopping. ]

LEEVIGH: Is it just me or was
your Dad on a negative kick

TESSA: Don’t let it get to you.
It takes him a long time to
warm up to new people. 
LEEVIGH: That’s fine then
cuz we have all the time
in the world.

[ She smiles at him. ]

TESSA: Don’t let me forget
to get something for my
aunts.  Who did you wanna
shop for?
LEEVIGH: Me, myself, and I.

Merry Christmas to me.

[ He starts to laugh & Tessa
gives him a look. ]

TESSA: You’re silly.  It’s getting
colder out though.  Let’s
go inside.