February 18, 2019

Plastic Dreams

( Starring Maxx /Kyle )

Saturday morning, TA.

[ Maxx dodges through clusters of
customers finally making his way
to the bakery counter.

He sees Scott sitting on a stool
towards the back and calls to
him. ]

MAXX: Must be nice to be the
only department not drowning
in a line.

And patience isn't any of
these people's virtue.

SCOTT: You're kidding me
right?  I can't keep anything
in the case.  And I'm the only
one here right now

First time i've sat down in
four hours.

MAXX: That's fucked up.  But
at least you don't smell like
funky ass fish.

[ He laughs a little. ]

SCOTT: Yeah.  I can't wait to
be on the beach.  Drinks in
hand and far away from

Six more days!

[ Maxx doesn't respond
but instead is busy in his
phone scrolling through
Ricky's page. ]

SCOTT: You hear me?
MAXX: Yeah man.

[ Scott gets closer to him. ]

MAXX: Ricky sure is posting
a lot lately.  She didn't use
to be like that.
SCOTT: Your girlfriend is beau-
tiful.  What's the problem?

MAXX: Nothing.  As long as
that's all it is.

I'll see you later.  

At Monica & Kyle's house.

[ Caleb enters the front door &
sees Kyle sitting on the couch
in the living room. ]

"So what happened at work

[ Caleb takes a seat across
from Kyle in a chair. ]

KYLE: Just got into it with the
boss again.  Another year 
and they are refusing to
give me a raise for all I
do at the gym.

CALEB: I figured that. As
nice as the place is.  Its
really nothing as long as
the company backing it is
KYLE: Exactly. That's what
the fail to understand. Who
cares about the people and
the ones bringing in clients

Hey. You want a beer?

[ Kyle springs up & walks
toward the kitchen. ]

CALEB: It's 11:30 in the 

KYLE: Don't act like you've
never day drank before.


[ Kyle sits close to him. ]

CALEB: Are you sure that's
a good idea?
KYLE: Why wouldn't it be?
We can chill here all day.


[ Caleb wants to speak.  An intense
pressure builds up inside of him
but he ignores it.

Opting to take a drink instead. ]

Later that afternoon.

[ Maxx shuts off the steaming
stream of water as he stares 
down at the tub.

Shutting it off, he grabs a
towel & wraps it around his
waist.  Stepping out. ]

[ He joins Ricky in their bedroom. ]

MAXX: I like your hair babe.
How are Sascha and Tila
RICKY: They're fine.  I'm
just finalizing a few things
about our travel plans.

[ She shuts her laptop & joins
him on the bed.  ]

MAXX: We deserve it.  Did you 
see who made the top selling
department this month?
RICKY: I'm guessing it was meat.
MAXX: Ding ding ding.  it's
cuz we make the best team.

[ He kisses her on the cheek. ]

RICKY: You're so corny.  I need
to talk to you about something.

I made an appointment to see
a surgeon why were down

MAXX: For what?

[ The atmosphere is shook as the
conversation suddenly gets serious. ]

Back At The Hasileda's.

KYLE: You keep hinting like
you want to talk about 

What is it?

[ Kyle turns around looking
squarely at Caleb while
sitting down his beer
loudly. ]

CALEB: I think you need help.
KYLE: Oh please. That wasn't
what you were going to say.

[ Caleb stands up. ]

CALEB: You really don't remember
what went on the last time
you invited me here alone?

The state I found you in?

KYLE: Nothing happened.
CALEB: I'm not delusional.

You practically forced my
head down there.

[ Kyle is stunned. ]

CALEB: Just because you
forgot doesn't mean it
didn't happen.  

And the fact that you 
don't remember says
a lot.

At Ricky's & Maxx'.

MAXX: I understand that
certain procedures were 
necessary when you start-

But why more now?
Everyone says you look

RICKY: I'm not feeling
completely myself just
yet and this is the reason.

[ She sits up.  Starring
at the mirror & locked
onto the middle of her
face. ]

MAXX: Well.  What all
is it going to take for
you to be there?

RICKY: Hey.  You don't
have to worry about
any of this. I'll be fine.
MAXX: You're acting like
its a normal thing to get
work done to yourself.

It's not!

RICKY: You're right.

[ She turns around
leaning her arms on Maxx'
chest & getting closer to
him. ]

RICKY: That's why this is
the last time.

[ She silences him with
continuous soft kisses. ]

Monica arrives home.

[ Walking down the hall
she hears loud voices coming
the living room area. ]

'You should just leave."

"Push me away. That's going
to solve everything."

"Why are you still here?"

[ Monica reaches the room
to see Kyle with rage in his
eyes heading toward Caleb. ]

MONICA: Hey.  What's with all
the yelling?

[ Kyle composes himself &
backs aways from Caleb. ]

KYLE: We we're just fucking
around.  Sorry.

[ He looks at Caleb & then
kisses Monica on the lips
and hugs on to her. ]

CALEB: Yeah.  I better go.

You two have some
catching up to do.

[ He smirks at Kyle on his
way out of the door. ]