Full Scene ( Part 2 ). . . . . .S U N D A Y , 8PM !

January 28, 2015

Only Strangers ( Part 1 )

Early morning, TA Salon.

[ Pierre, Sascha, & Lorenzo
are talking outside. ]

PIERRE: Anything you want
me to do while you’re gone?

[ He kisses Sascha while Lorenzo
makes faces behind them. ]

SASCHA: No not that I can think
of.  And I saw that look ass.

[ Lorenzo starts to laugh. ]

LORENZO: You starting to feel
like a housewife yet?
PIERRE: Yeah. Thanks for the
reminder bud.
SASCHA: Oh please.  He likes it.
LORENZO: Anyway, what I have
planned for us tonight should
more than make up for it.
SASCHA: Really, should I be
LORENZO: Relax.  It’s just drinks.

[ He gives them a sly look. ]

PIERRE: To start out with.
SASCHA: Of course.  The danger
always shows up later.  Or so
I’ve heard with you.
LORENZO: I plead the fifth.

PIERRE: Well, I better let you two
get inside.  I’ll be back around 5:30
babe.  See ya tonight Renzo.

Mirror; small town
outside of Magic Springs.

[ Airynn walks outside the
abandoned farm house & sees
Brian stretched out on the grass. ]

AIRYNN: It’s eleven-thirty.  Shouldn’t
we be heading out?  You’re always
complaining about the traffic.

[ He waits for a minute until Brian
opens his eyes & stands up. ]

BRIAN: We have plenty of time.
AIRYNN: What were you doing
down there anyway?
BRIAN: Having a conversation.

[ Airynn faces him, & they stop
walking. ]

AIRYNN: Talking to yourself
in the fields.  I knew you we’re
BRIAN: Actually, I was seeking
guidance about the work we’re
about to do.  And you should
be doing the same.
AIRYNN: Yeah.  Prayer is not
really my thing.  And normally
work is something you get paid
for.  Just saying. 
BRIAN: It’s not about that.
AIRYNN: Half the people we
find don’t give us the time of
day regardless.
BRIAN: Right.  But they will.

[ He grabs onto Airynn’s shoulder. ]

BRIAN: Soon enough, it won’t be
 an option.  

Dial Complete center.

[ Tessa walks into the manager’s
office. ]

TESSA: Morning.  You wanted to
see me?

[ The female boss motions for
Tessa to take a seat. ]

MANAGER: Yes.  Your team is
doing some great work by
the way.  Just behind Monroe’s. 
Although that’s to be expected,
she has been here longer.
TESSA: Only a couple years.

[ The boss ignores her. ]

MANAGER: I have a few new clients
coming in next week.  I need you to
put up this flyer in the break room
for an assistant position.
TESSA:  That sounds like something
I would be interested in. What
does it involve?

[ She waits but the boss is busy
typing on her computer. ]

MANAGER: Sure.  Just sign the sheet.

[ Later Tessa is heading towards
the break room.  Standing inside
she opens the flyer, thinking about
her bosses comment.

Getting an idea, she hurries to the
bathroom but bumps into some-
one on the way. ]

Downtown, later that night.

[ Pierre & Lorenzo arrive outside
Species club.  Pierre goes to wait
in line but Lorenzo walks right up
to the door. ]

LORENZO: Come on!

[ Later inside, they are sitting at
the bar drinking. ]

PIERRE: So when’s the last time
you dated someone?
LORENZO: I don’t really date.  To
be honest with you. 
PIERRE: Okay.  What’s your type

[ Lorenzo’s attention goes toward
the door as two attractive females
walk in. ]

LORENZO: Them right there.
PIERRE: Wonder how they got in
here.  They’re not exactly dressed
for this place. 

[ The girls join them at the bar. ]

LORENZO: Hello ladies.
 LORENZO: Can I buy you
a drink?

[ He winks at them, waiting. ]

Earlier, at Dial Complete.

“Slow down ma’am.  You almost
ran me over.”

[ LeeVigh smiles at her & they kiss. ]

TESSA:  Is it that late already?  I’ve
lost track of time today.
LEEVIGH: Yeah, I just got here.
Has it really been that busy?

[ Tessa stays silent for a moment. ]

LEEVIGH: Is something wrong?
TESSA: Not at all.  I don’t want
to jinx things but I’m going after
this promotion.  I guess I’m just
nervous about it.
LEEVIGH: You’re the hardest worker
In the building.  I’m sure you will
get it.
TESSA: I don’t know.  The boss didn’t
seem to thrilled with the idea

LEEVIGH: No offense, but when is
she ever?

[ Tessa starts to laugh. ]

LEEVIGH: I’m serious.  The woman
has two settings.  Busy and discipline.
Anyway, I gotta get going.  See ya
on break.

[ He leaves for his desk. ]

Back downtown.

[ Many drinks later; Pierre, Lorenzo,
Madeline, & Sunshine are walking
to Lorenzo’s car. ]

PIERRE: What’s with that guy down
there?  I think he’s been watching
us since we left the bar.
SUNSHINE: Yeah, where did you
say you parked again?

[ The girls start to walk faster
In the opposite direction &
the guys follow close. ]

LORENZO: Do you know him?

[ His question is soon answered
when they hear the guy calling
their names. ]

MADELINE: Alright.  He’s kind of
our boss but he’s not exactly
a nice person.
PIERRE: Well, he’s starting to
come this way.
LORENZO: What do I do?

[ The stranger picks up his pace
& starts running toward them.
In view now, they can see some-
thing long and thin in his hand. ]


[ They find Lorenzo's car & quickly
speed off. ]

Back at the call center.

[ Tessa is smiling, walking back
from the bathroom.  Sitting at
her desk now, a fellow supervisor
approaches her. ]

MONROE: How’s it going?
TESSA: Good, how are you?

[ Tessa looks up, spotting her fake
smile. ]

MONROE: I heard were going to
be having a lot of new clients in.
TESSA: That’s what the email said.

[ Tessa starts typing on her computer. ]

MONROE: Yeah.  Maybe the boss
might need some help with that.
I was thinking of talking to her
about it.
TESSA: I was just in her office earlier
and she didn’t mention it.  Doesn’t
she normally put up a flyer?
MONROE: That’s true.  Well I talk
to you later hun.

[ She leaves & Leevigh comes up. ]

LEEVIGH: Ready for a late lunch?
TESSA: Sure am.  Let’s go.