June 26, 2016

3 Of A TA Kind ( First6 )

Scene One :

"Man.  It's been awhile since
the three of have sat in my
kitchen together."

[ Hithe leans back, glancing over
at Ski and a very pregnant Amber. ]

AMBER : Times have changed us.

[ She states, rubbing her belly. ]

SKI: Maybe some.  So what is taking
you and Kristyn so long?  I thought
you were taking serious steps
toward the move.
AMBER: Yeah.  Technically you've
been dating longer than all of us,
how can you stand to live away
from each other?

[ Hithe sighs, gathering an expla-
nation. ]

HITHE: Not my choice.  Every
time we get close to a decision
she tends to back track.
And then there's.

[ Ski encourages him to proceed. ]

SKI: What?  You know we won't
say anything.

HITHE: It's Mairya.  She brought
a guy home a couple months ago
and Kristyn's been letting him
stay with them ever since.
AMBER: From where?
HITHE: Honestly, he was asking
for money near that stoplight
at 69th and Miller.

SKI: What, near TA?

[ He goes to speak but quickly
mutes instead. ]

HITHE: So you can understand
why now wouldn't be the best
time to merge families.
SKI: I guess.  Besides it seems
like you have your own little
tag-along situation going on
right here.

[ He smirks as they look over to
the living room where Hithe's son
and Junior Dean are knocked
out, and slightly leaning off the
couch. ]

Scene Two:
Midday at home.

[ A shaded Scott is sitting
outside swaying back in
forth on his porch swing.

He digs his phone out of a
deep pocket and a pill falls
onto the ground in front of
him. ]

"Fuck I forgot."

[ Popping open his 20oz, he
leans his head back as if
to choke it down.

Refreshed and relax, he sits
his shades down as Airynn
pulls in his driveway. ]

"You couldn't wait to get
your shirt off I see."

[ Scott stands up. ]

AIRYNN: Screw you.  It's
hot as hell out here man. 

Where's Bronze and Blondie?
SCOTT: They'll be here soon.

[ Airynn follows him inside through
to the backyard pool area. ]

AIRYNN: Did you hear about 
Charles?  Can't believe I use
to work with a guy like that.
SCOTT: Like what exactly?
AIRYNN: You know.  Crooked.

[ They see Maxx and Ricky walk-
ing through the living room. ]

SCOTT: Yeah.  I think you should
keep that opinion to yourself.

[ He leaves Airynn, greeting his
other friends. ]

Scene Three :
Later at Hithe's.

[ His friends have left and he's
passing by Little H's room to 
his own.

Peaking in, he sees H slyly
dropping a bottle into Dean's
sports bag. ]

HITHE: H, come here for a

[ Little H joins him in the hall. ]

HITHE: What was that?  And
don't lie to me.

[ H looks in the room and sees 
Dean tossing around. 

He leads Hithe into the liv-
ing room area. ]

LITTLE H: I don't know if I
should tell you.  I don't know
if I can tell you.
HITHE: What is it?  Are
 you sick with something?

You never have to take pills.
LITTLE H: It's not me.

[ He whispers to Hithe. ]

LITTLE H: They're preventative.
HITHE: To stop what H?

[ Little H just looks at him
and Hithe slowly catches on. ]

Scene Four :
Outside at Scott's.

"I thought we were going
clothing optional."

[ Maxx jokes, calling out from
the deepest end of the pool. ]

RICKY: I think that was in your
mind only.

[ Scott smiles from his beach
chair as Ricky dunks Maxx' head

Airynn comes out of the water
and stands in front of Scott,
preparing to dive in. ]

[ Suddenly Scott drifts off,
opening his eyes he sees Airynn
standing in front of him.

Everything around is frozen as
Scott's arms get closer to
Airynn's back and he realizes
what he's about to do. ]

[ He's then shook back to reality
as Airynn's jump lands him
in the backsplash. ]

"You coming in?"

Scene Five :

[ Little H returns to his room
and Junior Dean is sitting on the
bed. ]

"I know you were trying to be
discreet out there but you don't
have to protect me H."

LITTLE H: I know that.
JRDEAN: This is something I've
been dealing with for years.  I
would prefer if Hithe knew
the whole story.

[ Meanwhile, at Kristyn's.  She
opens her front door. ]

"Hey, I didn't know you we're
coming over."

[ Hithe stays silent and they both
walk into the kitchen. ]

HITHE: I didn't come here to
KRISTYN: Then don't.
HITHE: It's just my lease is
up at the end of the month.
Have you given any more
thought to what I said?

KRISTYN: I still don't see
why we can't wait a few
more years.
HITHE: Because maybe I'm
tired of waiting Kristyn.  I
want my family together.

My whole family.  It's been
long enough.

[ She is surprised by his tone. ]

HITHE: You need to make a

[ He exits the house, slamming
the door. ]

Scene Six :

" I wanted to push."

[ Scott types this last sentence
as he prepares to post an entry
on his website.

Feeling nervous about the cause
of this reaction, he goes to shut
his laptop and lay down but is
stopped by a sound alert. ]

"New response."

SCOTT: A comment. Already?

[ He clicks on the link to open and
is excited to see a friendly face
pop up in the profile. ]

MaxAMilli writes: It was just a
thought.  Don't get yourself
stressed out about it.  

I'm sure your not the first
or last to think that way
about him. :((

[ Scott sits back, staring out
his bedroom window. ]