February 26, 2014

Stumble On


[ Kyle arrives at Marty’s.
Seeing his friend sprawled
out on the couch he takes
a seat across. ]

KYLE: Sorry about the fall.
How long are you out
MARTY: At least another week.
KYLE: Oh, that’s not too

[ Marty attempts to sit up
but pain in his leg holds
him back. ]

MARTY: Not too bad?  They’re
probably looking for my
replacement as we speak.
KYLE: Come on.  Think of it
as a break.  A much needed
one if you ask me.  
Anyway you should be
healed just in time for
the wedding rehearsal.

[ Kyle notices Marty’s
expression ]

KYLE: I know you don’t
think we’re ready but
 I’m glad you put that
aside to be my best man
MARTY:  Yeah, I’ll be there.
I’m just concerned.
Without my career, who
am I?


[ Holding a bag, Tiesun gets
Into a parked truck. ]

STUU: Hey Tie.  Please tell
me your months of hard
work finally paid off.

[ He gives her a big smile. ]

TIESUN: Not quite.  I didn’t
get in.

[ Stuu looks surprised. ]

Let’s go.  We should crash
before work tonight.

STUU: Sure thing.  And look,
I’m not trying to be funny
or anything.  But I noticed
a theme to the girls who
were leaving the dance

All of the ones who looked
happy we’re white.
TIESUN: Maybe but I’m the
last person to try and use
the race card.

I’m just going to accept
that it’s over.  There will
be other chances. 


[ Marty & Kyle are still
talking. ]

KYLE: Well amigo.  I should
head out.  Text me.

I know you want to get
through your injury without
the pain medicine.  Just leave
those bad friends from our
past alone.  Okay?

See ya.

[ Kyle exits.  As soon as
Marty hears him walking
out, he lets out a loud

He quickly bites down on
the pillow in his hand to
stop the sound. ]

MARTY: I just need some

[ Anxious, he leans backs.
Turning on the TV, he tries
to get comfortable with
this new distraction. ]

Before night shift at TA.

[ Airynn, Larrie, Joh, Stuu
& Tiesun are listening to
Ski’s meeting. ]

SKI: I just wanted to remind
everyone to keep offering
the TA credit to customers.

The stats right now are 120
days,  90 nights, and 40 salon.
Let’s put in a little more
effort this week so we
can pass up Mark.  Okay?

[ Everyone is heading to
start but Tiesun & Stuu
stay behind.

Stuu starts to play a song
on his phone. ]

TIESUN: Turn it down before
Ski comes back. 
STUU: I’m trying to tell you
It’s the song we danced
to in the fake frat video.
TIESUN: Yeah, and?

STUU: Well, they’re holding
another day of auditions
tomorrow, right?
STUU: I have an idea.
That’s gonna prove my

Wait until break.


[ Marty is sitting in the dark
reading an article online on
his laptop. ]

‘The effects can be amazing
and at the same time quite

[ Suddenly Marty is startled
by a phone call.

Seeing that it is Kyle, he
continues to read on. ]

[ As he finishes the artice,
he reaches for his crutches
so he can prepare to hop
towards the bathroom.

Leaning now, he feels a
weight shift and forces
through to take his first
step. ]

[ Marty sighs. ]

MARTY: There has to
be an easier way.

The next morning.

[ Stuu is leading Tiesun
Inside a building.  She is in full
costume with a decorated scarf
over her face & long gloves.

After waiting in a room for
a couple hours, they are
called into the performance
area. ]

[ Without a word, Tiesun leads
Stuu in a dance they had only
performed once before in an
online video.

Surprising himself. Stuu did all
the moves serving as her
background. ]

[ Waiting for the decision, Tiesun
can’t look but Stuu stays staring
at the judges. ]

“We decided.  Your through!”

[ The judges start to applaud.

  Tiesun removes the face
covering as they stop
clapping one by one. ]